07/11/2012 10:31 am ET Updated Sep 10, 2012

Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Wednesday everyone, here's my Top 5 for July 11, 2012 from Len Berman at

1. Quick Hits

  • The National League, led by the San Francisco Giants trio of Matt Cain, Pablo Sandoval and game MVP Melky Cabrera wins the 83rd All-Star Game 8-0.
  • The L.A Clippers signed Blake Griffin to a five-year contract extension that could be worth $95 million.
  • Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman said Reggie Jackson wasn't banned by the Yankees, and he could be back with the team as early as Friday.

2. All Stars

There's lots of stuff you can debate about the All-Star Game. Should the National League have home field in this year's World Series based on last night's win of an exhibition game? How about Giants fans stuffing the ballot box to have Pablo Sandoval start at third instead of David Wright of the Mets? I guess they knew what they were doing. Sandoval with the first bases loaded triple in All-Star history. But you can't argue about the game. If a football team scores 41 points, you expect them to win. Same goes for an NBA team scoring 149 points or a hockey team scoring 9 goals. But those were the losing scores in the latest Pro Bowl and NBA and NHL All-Star games. With guys chucking fastballs over 100 mph, baseball is still the best, if not the most realistic, of the All-Star games... warts and all.

3. Seriously

Can I channel my inner John McEnroe. Hey, Bud Selig, "You cannot be serious!" There will be at least one interleague game on a daily basis next season and the commissioner has a brainstorm. He suggests using the designated hitter in the National League parks during interleague games, and have the pitchers hit in the American League parks. He just wants to flip things around to keep it interesting. Once again, hit it John! How about making things consistent Bud? How about constructing all team rosters equally? How about getting everyone on a level playing field? Enough with gimmicks. Let's get serious and play ball... in a consistent fashion.

4. Your Turn

You guys got pretty riled up over Reggie Jackson's Hall of Fame comments. He doesn't view many of the inductees as being worthy. Some of your responses:

A.A. I agreed with everything Reggie said. A lot of those HOF guys were compilers, not dominating players of their time.

S.P. is not big on Reggie's Hall of Fame credentials either. He had fewer hits than Tim Raines or Steve Garvey, neither of whom is in the Hall. He struck out more than anybody in the history of the game (more strikeouts than hits.) He's a lifetime .262 hitter. He wasn't a very good defensive player. So basically, his only claim is that hit a lot of homers and had some big moments in the World Series.

And as for Reggie's job as "special advisor" to the Yankees, J.L. writes: Just what does Reggie do for the Yankees, besides hang around in a pseudo uniform before games, trying to remain relevant? Reggie's ego is boundless. He should disappear from the Yankees.

5. Offensive Action

You've heard the phrase "The best defense is a good offense," but how about the "best defense is to be as offensive as possible?" That seems to be the case in Australian rugby where one player has been accused of urinating in his shorts so that the other team's players won't come near. Another team is "pissed off" about it and filed a protest. They've also "leaked" a picture to the newspaper. Should I go on with this? Or should I zip it?

Happy Birthday: Former #1 tennis player Caroline Wozniacki. 22.

Bonus Birthday: Lead guitarist for Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora. 53.

Today in Sports: In Anaheim, Tony Perez's homer off Catfish Hunter in the 15th inning gives the National League a 2-1 win in the longest All Star Game. 1967.

Bonus Event: The U.S. Marine Corps in established. 1798.