10/16/2012 10:31 am ET Updated Dec 16, 2012

Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Tuesday everyone, here's my Top 5 for October 16, 2012 from Len Berman at

1. Quick Hits

  • San Francisco beat St. Louis 7-1 to even the NLCS at one game apiece.
  • Detroit hosts the Yankees in game 3 of the ALCS tonight with the Tigers leading two games to none. The Tigers have their ace on the mound Justin Verlander opposing Phil Hughes.
  • Monday Night Football: San Diego led Denver 24-0 at halftime and lost 35-24. Only two AFC teams out of 16 have winning records (Houston and Baltimore).
  • Baltimore Ravens star linebacker Ray Lewis is done for the year with a triceps tear.
  • Remember the NHL? Labor talks resume today in Toronto.

2. The Breaking Point

Can you imagine not selling out postseason baseball games? Well it's now routine at Yankee Stadium. In a region the size of New York it seems unfathomable. Then again the ticket prices are obscene not to mention concessions and parking. Reports surfaced that Yankee Stadium ushers moved fans to the more expensive seats to make it look better on TV. Shades of the old AFL when the New York Titans would do the same thing at the Polo Grounds. Of course an upper stands ticket to a Titans game cost a whole $4.00 in the early '60s, same as a cup of coffee at Yankee Stadium these days.

3. Play Ball!

Obviously Alex Rodriquez never saw the show Damn Yankees! According to the New York Post, after being pinch-hit for in game 1 against Detroit A-Rod was flirting with a couple of women in the stands. He tossed them a baseball asking for their phone numbers. In Damn Yankees they sang "The Game." Lyrics like:

"We've go to think about the game,
The game, the game!
Booze and broads may be great,
though they're great they'll have to wait,
While we think about the game!"

In A-Rod's defense, if you're making that kind of money, even if you're benched you still want to play.

4. Fore!

At halftime last night in San Diego, Phil Mickelson had a 100-yard wedge shot on the field for charity. If he hit the target, $1,000,000 would go to a kids charity. His shot carried long and he won $50,000 for the kids instead. Check out the video. Some fans actually booed. And that's when the home team was leading 24-nothing. I hate to think what would have happened if he had attempted it after the game when the Chargers had blown the lead.

5. And the Winners Are

Here are the winners, drawn at random, in my latest contest to add subscribers to the Top 5 list.

Winners of autographed copies of my new book:

Gary B. Boynton Beach, FL
Mark L. Woodbury, NY
Gary L. Stamford, CT

Winners of ThatsSports baseball/golf caps:

Norm A. Singer Island, FL
Jerry S. Basking Ridge, NJ

Happy Birthday: Former catcher and current broadcaster Tim McCarver. 71.

Bonus Birthday: Suzanne Three's Company Somers. 66.

Today in Sports: The Miracle Mets (featured in my new book, see below) won the World Series. 1969.

Bonus Event: Not a bad company to start. Walt and his brother form the Walt Disney Company. 1923.

Fun Fact: The Top 5 was read yesterday in Zambia and China, but not in South Dakota.

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