03/28/2013 10:59 am ET Updated May 28, 2013

Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Thursday everyone, here's my Top 5 for March 28, 2013 from Len Berman at

1. Quick Hits

  • The Miami Heat had their 27 game winning streak snapped by Chicago 101-97. The '71-'72 Lakers record of 33 straight wins is safe.
  • The NCAA tournament resumes tonight with four games.
  • In the NHL, long time Calgary captain Jerome Iginla is traded to Pittsburgh.
  • 71-year-old Tim McCarver will step down as the chief baseball analyst for FOX after the season.

2. Hey Get Your Cold Beer

The Boston Red Sox have sold out every home game since 2003, that's 793 straight games. It's probably going to end next month. The Red Sox have a bunch of cold April night games and of course they're coming off a horrible season. But they've got a plan. Free food for kids, 2-1 hot dogs, and cheaper beer. Only five bucks, down from $7.50-8.50. Yup, nothing tastes better than a cold one on a cold night. As Top 5 subscriber D.M. writes, "Can 10 Cent Beer Night and Disco Demolition Night be far behind?"

3. Closeted

During the week that the Supreme Court heard testimony on the issue of gay marriage, an interesting story popped up in the NFL. reports a gay NFL player is ready to come out and his intention will be to continue playing in the NFL. This will be groundbreaking. No gay athlete has been identified as an active player in a major American sports league. I'm guessing the spotlight, if that happens, will be white hot. But perhaps others will then feel free to come out. The odds are there are many out there. Once the floodgates open the only question will be "so what?"

4. #1

When Tiger Woods regained the #1 ranking in golf the other day he completed a remarkable comeback. After falling from grace his game was a mess. Yes, because of his own goal-setting, many won't take him seriously until he starts to win Majors again. And yes the Nike ad, "Winning Takes Care of Everything," is sure to inflame the Tiger-haters. But his ability to reach the penthouse again after his highly publicized trip to the outhouse is testament to his incredible ability and drive to succeed.

5. F.G.C.U

With the NCAA's resuming, all eyes will be on Florida Gulf Coast University. The Eagles will be taking on the University of Florida tomorrow night at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The once anonymous school is now getting the royal treatment especially their coach Andy Enfield. Forget for a moment that the tabloids can't get enough of his model wife, Amanda Marcum, (I dare you not to click) stories have popped up that Enfield is independently wealthy. He's supposedly the co-founder of a successful health care information firm. But the word is he only made a few bucks, not millions. So I guess he'll have to continue coaching at F.G.C.U. But the way things are going, that won't be for long.

Happy Birthday: NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry. 69.

Bonus Birthday: Lady Gaga. 27.

Today in Sports: Michael Jordan has the best scoring night of his career, 69 points against Cleveland. 1990.

Bonus Event: 50 years ago today, Sonny Werblin announces that the New York Titans will now be called the New York Jets. 1963.

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