11/22/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Tuesday everyone, here's my Top 5 for September 22, 2009 from

1. Quick Hits

Yankees fail to clinch a playoff spot losing in Anaheim 5-2. Their
magic number remains one to make the post-season.

The Houston Astros fire their manager Cecil Cooper.

Former Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress will be sentenced today
for shooting himself in the leg. He'll begin serving his two year
sentence immediately.

What a turnout for last night's football game in Miami against the
Colts. Serena and Venus Williams, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy
Buffett, Gloria Estafan and Tiger Woods. The Dolphins lost anyway,

2. Damn Yankees

How fitting that the Yankees will probably clinch a playoff spot on
the first day of fall. It's not a good day for Yankee haters. They'll
be the first team to qualify for the post-season. Detractors will say
"sure, they bought themselves in." But to be fair, they've been buying
and buying since 2000 and it hasn't paid dividends. After missing last
year's playoffs they spent wisely this past off season. But even with
that humongous payroll they have real issues with their starting
pitching. So if you belong to that legion of Yankee haters keep the
faith. It's a long long way to November. (When this year's World
Series will conclude.)

3. Rule Book

Time for a rule change in the NFL. This business of a coach calling
time out, just as the kicker is about to attempt a field goal, is bush
league. Dallas coach Wade Phillips did it the other night against the
Giants. Both the nullified kick, and the real one, were good. Not only
are you risking injury, it just looks amateurish. It would be like
calling time just as the pitcher is in his windup or the foul shot is
in the air.

4. Man-Genius

The highlight of Eric Mangini's stay as Jets coach? A cameo on the
Sopranos. Tony spots "Mangenius" in a restaurant. After getting fired
in New York he landed in Cleveland. Now comes word he fined a player
1,700 dollars for not paying for a $3.00 bottle of water that the
player drank in his hotel room during a pre-season game. Mangini is a
stickler for detail. I've got a couple of details for "Mangenius" to
swallow. The Browns are 0-2 and they've scored a grand total of 26

5. Lemme in Coach

It was inevitable. Kim Clijsters of Belgium won the U.S. Open after a
2 1/2 year absence from tennis. Her fellow countrywoman, Justine Henin
quit tennis last year while still ranked #1. Now Henin is coming back.
Whatcha waiting for, Martina, Steffi and Chris?

Happy Birthday: Rangers Stanley Cup goalie Mike Richter. 43.
Bonus Birthday: Actor Scott Baio. 48.

Today in Sports: The infamous "long count" at Soldier Field Chicago.
Jack Dempsey loses to Gene Tunney after Tunney is given more than 10
seconds to recover from a knockdown. 1927.

Bonus Event: Only 413 fans show up at Yankee Stadium. And the seats
were cheap! 1966.