11/30/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Wednesday everyone, here's my Top 5 for Sept. 30, 2009 from

1. Quick Hits

The Red Sox lose to Toronto, but clinch the Wild Card and stage a
private champagne party in their clubhouse when Texas loses a couple
of hours later.

Detroit and Minnesota split a day-night doubleheader. The Tigers
still lead the Twins by 2 games for the AL Central.

The Cubs are eliminated for the 101st straight season.

Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Pennington is done for the year with
a shoulder injury.

Nothing quite says "bowl game" like winter time in the Bronx. The
Yankees will announce a college bowl game today at Yankee Stadium
starting in 2010. Wonder what their version of the Rose Parade will

2. Political Football

You knew it was inevitable. President Obama is going to Copenhagen
this week to pitch Chicago for the 2016 Olympics and some Republicans
are carping "doesn't he have more important things to do?" Granted,
the OIympics, unlike Afghanistan and health care, aren't life and
death. But if our President (no matter what the party) wants to make a
sales pitch in the name of sports for our country, I say "go get 'em
Prez." And today President Obama will present Arnold Palmer with a
Congressional Gold Medal for all he's done. I'd like to see the
Republicans nitpick that. Criticizing Arnie, would be akin to trashing
Mom and apple pie.

3. Tweet Tweet

Being a "twit" myself (nearly 700 followers @lenbermansports) I am
bemused by the twitter controversy in sports. Jets coach Rex Ryan
benched wide receiver David Clowney for the mildest of tweets about
his playing time. And at Texas Tech the coach has banned all of his
players from tweeting after one of his linebackers tweeted that the
coach was late for a meeting. Doesn't the First Amendment guarantee
freedom of tweech?

4. Upon Further Review

When I mentioned that the Angels clinched their division Monday night
and poured champagne over the jersey of Nick Adenhart, several of you
were quick to point out that Adenhart, a 22-year old pitcher, was
killed last April by a suspected drunk driver.

5. Happily Wedded Bliss

As a public service, I'd like you to know there's an online casino
that's taking bets on how long Lamar Odom of the Lakers will stay
married to Khloe Kardashian. The over/under is 25 months. I don't bet,
but shouldn't that read 25 weeks?

Happy Birthday: 5 time Grand Slam winner Martina Hingis. 29.
Bonus Birthday: "Chances Are" that Johnny Mathis is 74 today.

Today in Sports: The Babe hits his 60th home run. A magical record
that stood until Roger Maris broke it 34 years later. 1927.
Bonus Event: The not so happy couple. Boxer Mike Tyson and his wife
Robin Givens appeared on the Barbara Walters show. Eight days later
she filed for divorce. 1988.