03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Tuesday everyone, here's my Top 5 for October 13, 2009 from

1. Quick Hits

Down to their last strike the Phillies rally to score 3 runs in the
9th to eliminate the Rockies in 4 games, 5-4. The Phillies will now
face the Dodgers in the NL Championship series starting Thursday in
L.A. The Governor of Colorado had declared the month to be Rocktober.
To quote "Rocktober is over, welcome to blowvember."

Dee-fense, dee-fense, what defense? In a 4th quarter shootout the
Miami Dolphins had the ball last, so they won. They beat the Jets
31-27. There were 35 points scored in the 4th quarter.

Comeback of the night: The Chicago Blackhawks. They trailed Calgary
5-0 in the first period and won 6-5 in overtime. That ties the biggest
comeback in NHL history.

2. Here's to the Winners

Boy you guys are getting sensitive. Yesterday you chastised me for
not mentioning the Dodgers sweep of the Cards, the Broncos going 5 and
0 by beating New England, and the U.S. winning the President's Cup in
golf. Haven't you caught on yet? It's more fun bashing losers than
praising winners. So if it makes you feel better. Congrats to all the
winners where ever they may be. Good, now that's over with lets get
back to having some fun.

3. Rush to Judgment

I'm thinking there's no way Rush Limbaugh will win approval to be a
part owner in the St. Louis Rams. The Players Association has not only
complained to the Commissioner, but they're urging players to speak
out against Limbaugh. Al Sharpton has started chirping. And last week,
the New York Daily News reported that some black players would boycott
his team. Limbaugh's Obama bashing has a lot to do with it. Limbaugh
also stepped into racial waters when he made some controversial
comments about Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb back in 2003.
Limbaugh makes for "colorful radio," but doesn't exactly form a
Rainbow Coalition when it comes to team ownership.

4. Now Hear This

I'm glad so many of you commented on Bob (Yankee PA announcer)
Sheppard's 99th birthday yesterday. (Bob told Newsday that despite it
all, his birthday is really October 20th.) Anyway, here's another Bob
story. I was once at a Bar Mitzvah where Bob was a guest. During the
kid's candle lighting ceremony, Bob stood by the boy and his cake
making the announcements. "Ladies and gentlemen your attention please.
Will Grandma Tessie and Grandpa Max please come up to light the next
candle." Priceless.

5. Lemme in Coach

The coach of the French soccer team, Raymond Domenech is under fire
for his team's performance. But he is also "on fire" to a former porn
actress. Catherine Ringer has recorded a hit song in France entitled
"Je Kiffe Raymond (I Fancy Raymond). One of the lyrics, "If he
attacked my penalty areas, I would be without defenders." Wow. This
opens up all sorts of possibilities over here. How about "Je t'aime
Bill." (I love Bill). An ode to Bill Parcells. "If he opens my can of
tuna, I wouldn't cry illegal procedure."

Happy Birthday: Tonya Harding's buddy, figure skater Nancy Kerrigan.

Bonus Birthday: Borat (or whoever) Sacha Baron Cohen. 38.

Today in Sports: Bill Mazeroski's home run wins the World Series for
Pittsburgh against the Yankees. 1960.

Bonus Event: Things will never be the same. They play the first World
Series night game in Pittsburgh. The Pirates beat the Orioles 4-3.

Extra Bonus Moments: For the only time in Top 5 history, Pittsburgh
wins in both the Today in Sports and Bonus Event category. 2009.