03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Top 5 Sports Stories

TGIF everyone, here's my Top 5 for December 11, 2009 from Len Berman at

1. Quick Hits

* Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly will be the new football coach at Notre Dame.

* Texas coach Mack Brown becomes the highest paid college football coach in history. He'll make at least $5.1-million next season.

* How the mighty have fallen. The Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers lost their 5th straight game 13-6 to Cleveland last night.

* Remember the Mets? They are bidding for free agent outfielder Jason Bay.

* Barry Bonds' agent says the slugger is retired from baseball. Oh.

2. Curiouser and Curiouser

The part that's nagging at me about the Tiger Woods affair is, who exactly knew what? Did those inside the golf community know what was going on? Life & Style magazine quoted PGA golfer Ben Crane as saying that Tiger's "a phony and a fake and he can't retain that squeaky-clean endorsement deal any longer." Crane denies he ever said it. That locker room on the PGA tour sure is gonna be a fun place next year.

3. Shut up!

I've got a new rule. Baseball agents should be forbidden from talking about players they don't represent. Super agent Scott Boras took some shots at the new Yankee center fielder Curtis Granderson. That's because he's trying to pump up his client's worth to the Yanks, Johnny Damon. Put a sock in it Boras. It just makes you look bad, if you really care.

4. Friday Mailbag

Lots of Tiger mail again. H.B. thinks Woods should run for office, after all "he already has a sex scandal behind him!"

From subscriber J.D. "When Tiger wins his first tournament post-Bimbo-Escalade-Golf Club Wielding Wife- incident. Whoever is announcing the tournament will be kissing his fanny like he was the victim. Saying and I quote 'After all he's been through...' "

Editor's Note: Great point J.D. We announcers like to allude to the past with broad strokes so as to avoid the nasty details. It's a cop out.

When I mentioned that this year's midnight Christmas mass at the Vatican would start at 10pm, R.B. wrote: "Perhaps MLB can take a cue from the Vatican by starting postseason games 2 hours earlier."

Editor's Note: God only knows.

And from subscriber J.D. When I wrote that Alabama is canceling classes for 3 days when they play in the college football championship game he wrote: "The big story there would have been holding classes - at any time."

Editor's Note: Not a big fan of the educational practices at football factories, eh?

5. Fun and Games

The IOC has added mixed doubles tennis to the Olympics. Ho hum. Get back to me when they add mixed doubles luge.

Happy Birthday: Former Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest. 38.
Bonus Birthday: Comedienne Mo'Nique. An Oscar-worthy performance as the mother in Precious. 42.

Today in Sports: Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio? The Yankee Clipper announces his retirement. 1951.
Bonus Event: The Lufthansa heist at Kennedy Airport yields $5 million and $875,000 in jewels. The largest cash robbery in U.S. history. Featured in the movie Goodfellas. "Do I amuse you?" 1978.

I'll be signing copies of my best selling kids book The Greatest Moments in Sports tomorrow at Books & Greetings in Northvale, New Jersey at 11am.

And thanks to all those who like the new Top 5 email format. Major kudos go to my "design team." Have a nice weekend everyone.