05/05/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Top 5 Sports Stories

TGIF everyone, here's my Top 5 for March 5, 2010 from Len Berman at

1. Quick Hits

* NFL free agency began at midnight. A bull market isn't expected.

* The Jets traded for San Diego defensive back Antonio Cromartie. He's been spotty on and off the field.

* The Phillies beat the Yankees 3-2 in a World Series rematch of sorts.

* Tiger Woods' caddy, Steve Williams, says he didn't know anything about Woods' affairs. Presumably Williams said it with a straight face.

2. Would You Buy a Used Car From This Man?

Look who is back in business. Former Met Lenny Dykstra. He'll sell you stock tips along with an autographed baseball for $999. Don't let the fact that he filed for bankruptcy and had his home foreclosed cloud your thinking.

3. Worth-Less

A few of you wondered what Babe Ruth's record $70,000 contract in 1927 would be worth today? Subscriber Jim S. forwarded a website that lets you calculate buying power in terms of today's dollars. It turns out $70,000 in 1927 buys you $850,000 worth of stuff today. Basically a 1927 Babe Ruth is worth a 2010 Brett Gardner. And remember, in 1927 Babe Ruth hit 60 homers. He was clearly a bargain.

4. Friday eMailbag

D.H. wanted to vent. "It really bugs me when people compare what they've seen these past couple of weeks (Olympic hockey) with the NHL. When you are playing an 82 game regular season, not every game can be great and have great meaning."

And R.M. added, "Baseball should take a look at the gold medal hockey TV ratings and try something novel like an afternoon World Series game. You never know, people just may watch."

When I mentioned that A-Rod and Tiger were mixed up with a doctor being investigated in Canada, S.S. commented on Facebook at Len Berman's Top 5, "And they wonder why TMZ is getting in the sports biz?"

Editor's Note: Great point. Athletes beware!

M.T. tweeted me @LenBermanSports, "Isn't it nice New York fans have a team in orange and blue that is No. 1? No, not the Knicks...not the Mets...THE CUSE!"
Editor's Note: The fact that I went to Syracuse, and we're.... I mean, they're #1, has absolutely nothing to do with me printing this.

5. Parting Thought

Let's end the week with a cool idea sent along by Top 5 subscriber Rod. He hates the dousing of the Olympic flame. He says it's "a downer and the wrong symbolism." He thinks the flame should never go out. "The right way to end the games would be to return the flame to the torch by which it came, now held by an unknown youngster or perhaps by a promising next Olympian, who runs off and disappears into the night, headed ostensibly for the next Olympic Games."

I can hear the music swell as millions reach for a Kleenex. Thanks Rod for turning today's Top 5 into a chick flick.

Happy Birthday: Four-time Super Bowl champion running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Rocky Bleier.64.
Bonus Birthday: Penn Jillette. He's the one who talks in the Penn and Teller act. 55.

Today in Sports: A Buffalo man named Frank Caruana became the first to bowl two consecutive perfect games. 1924.
Bonus Event: The Boston Massacre. (The one that didn't involve the Yankees beating the Red Sox.) 1770.