08/09/2013 02:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Detour to Chernobyl: Adventures in Mongol Rally Land, Episode II


In the second episode of "Adventures in Mongol Rally Land," I go a little farther off the path. While driving from London to Mongolia during the rally, My partner-in-madness Steven Priovolos and I dabbled in a little extreme tourism by taking a detour to Chernobyl.

Car trouble delayed our arrival, but kind mechanics recognized good guys when they saw them and got us back on the road. At Chernobyl, the Geiger counter was off the charts, potentially contaminated mosquitoes nipped at our necks, and we beat a hasty exit to Kazakhstan. As night fell, we camped in the wilderness, risking an encounter with gun-toting bandits that patrolled the roads at night.