08/02/2013 07:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to 'Sticker' Your Car: Adventures in Mongol Rally Land, Episode 1


In 2012 I participated in my second Mongol Rally, the ultimate road trip from London to Mongolia to raise funds for a charity called First Book. My experiences on the road inspired a new web series this year called "Adventures in Mongol Rally Land." In honor of those who are getting ready for the 2013 Mongol Rally, I've launched my web series.

In this first episode, find out why I and nearly 900 other travelers joined the challenge -- some were on a mission, some an adventure, and some just wanted to do something really, really stupid. Watch my exceptional talent at stickering a car, learn what food supplies are essential for this long trek, and get an idea of what is defined as a "main road" by Mongol Rally standards.