08/16/2013 04:56 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Love at First Sight (of Paved Road): Adventures in Mongol Rally Land, Episode 5


The "little car that could" has transported Steve and me across nearly 10,000 miles in the Mongol Rally. But in episode five of Adventures in Mongol Rally Land, the car that has taken us from London to Mongolia begins to overheat in the Gobi Desert. Steven summons some good luck by mounting the head of a dead animal on the hood, and the car starts to work again. Not only do we cross the desert, but we're able to help a local Mongolian family experiencing their own car trouble.

We drive across a bridge literally falling to pieces, and then cross a dry gulch that should have a bridge but doesn't. Upon surviving these ordeals, I have a nearly perverse love affair with the first paved road we come to.