01/26/2016 11:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Potholes on the road to your greatest life

The Mojo Diaries

Part Two- Potholes on the road to your greatest life


Adventure is not just on the outside, it's often richest and most profound, when found on the inside. My adventure across Europe and Asia was an example of how a journey can happen within and without. You see, there are times in life when it would seem easier to just give up; close the blinds and sleep the pain away.

Before I left on my trip to the outer reaches of the Mongol empire that was exactly how I was feeling and that is why I created the FREE book The Mojo Diaries after my 10,000 mile journey was completed

Many of us have experienced moments of depression and sadness that ultimately keep us from doing what we love and being our authentic selves.

We stay stagnant.
We give up.
We give in.
To chocolate. To food. To alcohol.

When those moments do come we often feel hopeless. I have been there. I have experienced sadness when it takes over everything. All too often I have allowed negative energy to derail me and that is why my next Mojo Tip is a way to counteract this pain; Negative energy can derail you. So don't let it. Now, of course it's easy to say this but harder to actually implement it in our lives. However, why not give it a shot? When you are feeling down gently coax yourself out of the darkness and into the adventure of life! And try with all your might not to take this little adventure called life, too seriously.

I have found that many of us don't really know what we need to make the most of our lives, we feel like we don't have ways to realize our dreams. My next Mojo Tip is to Find a vehicle to get you where you want to be And that doesn't mean a crappy granny mobile necessarily, it simply means that whatever it is that you are inspired by, you must use it wisely and find your own way. Maybe your vehicle is a new job, a new boss, or living your passion for creativity. Anything that will get you where you want to go...

On my journey from London to Mongolia I found my way to Chernobyl in the Ukraine which is the site of the worlds worst nuclear disaster and I realized in that moment that everything could go so wrong so quickly in our lives that we need to be present, because presence is power. My final Mojo Tip for the day is to be present in everything you do so you don't miss all the fun...

Until next time my fellow wanderers...