11/20/2013 10:46 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Thanksgiving: The Holiday of Wine

Thanksgiving usually inspires visions of Turkeys, cranberry sauce and stuffing.
Mmmm. Stuffing.

But really, it should be the Holiday of Wine. The pilgrims drank wine, the Indians drank wine, and you should drink it too.

Here's 5 reasons why:

1. Family Stress
If your extended family happens to agree on politics, religion and relationships...congratulations, you're going to have a very nice Thanksgiving. If not, welcome to the rest of America.

When families get together, it helps to have a little something on hand to lubricate the gatherings. At around 4 % ABV, beer certainly won't do the trick, and a martini will get your Grandma slurring off-color comments before the turkey's cut. A glass of wine goes a long way in loosening up a tense room, without wreaking havoc.

2. Your "Tipsy" Uncle is Even More Of A Handful Sober
Everyone has a family member who doesn't just appreciate a drink, but requires one. Yes, feeding a bad habit can lead to worse behavior, but a national holiday is no time to spring an intervention. And unlike the whiskey your Uncle Jerry keeps in his desk drawer, a little wine never did any real damage. So get your corkscrew and pour the man a drink!

3. It's Time to Get Introspective
It's about an hour into the meal and you're contemplating whether you want more yams, when someone suggests... "let's go around the room and share what we're thankful for." You're about to opt for the sarcastic route, but let me recommend pouring yourself a goblet o' vino, and opening up instead. For an optimal performance, say the word "grateful" at least twice.

4. Make Room, There's Stuffing On the Table
If there's any day of the year to throw out the healthy eating guidebook, it's this one. With turkey, gravy, stuffing, and a whole host of pies to choose from, it's no day for slacking off. Water will fill you up, but wine will give you liquid courage to fight the good fight. So bring on the sweatpants and stretch pants, and go get that turkey

5. Digestion...zzzzz.
Studies show that when consumed slowly and during a meal, red wine aids in digestion. It also makes you tired (as does turkey.) A bottle at the table will help you break down that sweet-potato-marshmallow casserole thing you ate too much of, while you're catching some sweet Z's. Drink up and prepare for the best sleep of your life.