02/18/2014 04:51 pm ET Updated Apr 20, 2014

New Bartending Webseries Is Relatable And Entertaining

For anyone that has ever tended bar in New York, or really anywhere in the world (let's face it, annoying drunk guys are universal), there is a new web series that will hit close to home. Barmaids, The Show centers around two young women in New York; Emma is a seasoned pro just trying to pay her rent, while Callie tries to prove herself as more than just the owner's daughter.

BARMAIDS - EPISODE 1 from Barmaids the Show on Vimeo.

The series takes viewers through several days in the life of these two bartenders, dealing with unruly customers, learning to make the perfect vodka martini, and balancing their personal disappointments while keeping their patrons happy. The story focuses around the bar, but it is the friendship between these two women that ultimately hits home the hardest.

The series features rising stars Anna Callegari, of the Paul Ryan music video fame, and Caralyn Stone, who you'll find starring opposite Billy Bob Thornton in The Coen Brothers' new series Fargo. Barmaids is directed by Brett Haley, a rising young director whose work has been featured in The New York Times and across more than 20 film festivals around the United States. You can find out more about their upcoming works here.