04/13/2012 07:13 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Gentle Arrival In New Delhi

The wing tip creates a brilliant contrast as the bright crimson colors of the Union Jack bob gently through the clouds. Then, in an instant, the white barriers are gone and we are descending rapidly towards the sprawling city of New Delhi.

I prepared myself for what has been referred to as the scent of heaven and hell combined. As soon as I took my first steps on Indian soil, however, I was thoroughly surprised. Not only was the air scent-free, but the weather was warm and balmy, with a light breeze gently floating around.

The ride from the airport provided a brief introduction to the city, as I was thrust straight into Delhi's famous rush hour. Fortunate to be moving at all -- cars in the opposite direction were gridlocked as far as the eye could see -- I craned my neck out the window to get a better look at the transportation in this city and was rewarded with a monsoon season advertisement. "Plant a tree this Monsoon season," it urged, and I couldn't help but picture the tiny saplings being washed away in the heavy seasonal storms. The noise from the road jerked me back to the present as we wove our way through the highway. From the buses, cars, mopeds, tuk tuks, and a few brave pedestrians, each road created a vibrant slice of city life, always changing and very much alive.

Not wanting to waste the few hours left of my first day in India, I took a quick catnap and then headed out for my first taste of Indian cuisine. The city seemed quieter at night, and the streets were virtually empty, a nice change of pace from the frenzied traffic just a few hours ago. I arrived to the Mantra Amaltas Hotel and Restaurant and was shown to a private outdoor dining terrace. The few dining tables were ringed by lush tropical plants and the sky was spread out before me, providing the perfect opportunity to enjoy a pre-dinner heat lightning show. As the bolts lit up in the air, I dug into my meal of piping hot naan bread, dall makhani, and buttery chicken. The sauces mixed together and created the perfect blend of sweet and savory, with just a touch of spice. Ending with the decadently sweet gulab jamun, a warm cheese bun with a side of vanilla ice cream, I headed back to my hotel room, full and happy.