06/18/2008 04:26 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

I Wanna Sue Victoria's Secret, Too!

So, 52-year-old Macrida Patterson was innocently shopping at a Victoria's Secret in May of last year when BAM!ZOOM!BOP! a decorative metallic piece dislodged from the low-rise v-string, smacking her in the eye.

Now, she is suing. The thong has allegedly damaged her cornea.

All jokes about 52-year-olds in thongs causing eye damage aside, I can't help but yearn for some sort of a class action lawsuit. Victoria's Secret has been torturing me for years. Every time one of those freaking airbrushed, glossy, toned-to-the-hilt-body-filled catalogues lands in my mailbox (which is approximately every other day), I want to cry. Why must Adriana Lima taunt me with her bedroom eyes and total lack of cellulite? And Heidi with her tennis ball-sized tush and long, flowing mane. Admittedly, I've never been hit in the cornea with a piece of VS-brand metal, but what of the years of endless emotional torture and trauma bestowed upon me by those angels in their gigantic feathered wings?

If the following criteria apply to you, you may also be eligible to hop on board Patterson's lawsuit. Have you:

1) Ever wanted to stuff a VS catalogue in a blender and shred all that photoshopped perfection to tiny little bits?

2) Ever been driven batshit insane by the VS "Santa Baby" jingle?

3) Ever succumbed to the siren song of a VS teeny string thong, only to wash it once and have it turn into a curly-cued ball of shredded elastic?

4) Ever been kicked off line because the VS fashion show crashed your computer?

5) Ever felt short and fat because pictures like this make it seem as if your torso should comprise approximately 50% of your height and hideous shoes like this convince you that, good taste be damned, you need ankle-strap, zebra-print stilettos to look hot?

6) Ever accidentally wandered into a VS store only to find the place mysteriously transported to a neon sex palace, complete with costumes like Sexy Airplane Attendant (Last year's "Come Fly With Me" outfit featured miniature versions of what flight attendants wore in the 1960s and 1970s - complete with wings and a blue satin cap)?

7) Ever sought permanent birth control because the thought of raising a little girl who will one day buy underwear that has phrases like "I've been bad, Meow!" or "Dangerous Territory Ahead" printed on the crotch?

Sign on below.