03/18/2013 03:16 pm ET Updated May 18, 2013


Ladies, you know how sometimes, it's really hard to turn on a computer? Like, where is the ON button? And how do you "click" on something if there's not a man nearby to help? What if you really need a recipe and dinner is a few hours away and you have food, but no instructions?

Fear not: A company called Eurostar has come ot with something called the ePad Femme, a ladies-only eReader that comes pre-loaded with everything a gal could need: apps for cooking, yoga, grocery shopping and weight loss. Eurostar associate vice president of marketing Mani Nair calls it "a perfect gadget for a woman who might find difficulties in terms of downloading these applications."

If products like this upset you, you have the power to not buy them. And now, you also have the power to Tweet about how infuriating they are. The people behind are encouraging people to fight sexist media and products with the hashtag #NotBuyingIt campaign, and they're launching a #NotBuyingIt app, to "gather the passion and energy of people worldwide to end sexist and limiting portrayals of gender in the media! We've already seen companies change their practices after receiving a few hundred tweets, but by bringing us all together, this app will put us in a position to truly shift media culture."

I wish this existed back when Gucci decided that portraying women as nothing more than vaginas was a good idea. Or when Ralph Lauren shrunk this model down to Nightmare Before Christmas-esque proportions. OR when Fox NFL and Burger King openly mocked Jessica Simpson's weight in a national commercial. Or when American Apparel came up with... well, any of their ads.

I encourage you all to use #notbuyingit to start calling companies out. Learn more here and follow other participants here.

Some examples to get you started

Caroline Sharp @csharp7
#NotBuyingIt RT @grassisleena: No women in Sony's #ps4 presser yet, b/c this is what Sony thinks they're good for.

Raquel E Saraswati @RaquelEvita
But does it have wings? The "first tablet for women" because we, like, can't figure out iPads. #NotBuyingIt

Imran Siddiquee @imransiddiquee
@Amazon selling shirts by @shirtcity_tees that say "W.I.F.E: Washing, Ironing, F-ing, Etc." #NotBuyingIt

Miss Representation ‏‪RepresentPledge
@SketchersUSA's New 'Daddy'$ Money' Sneakers Are Creepy, Ridiculous #NotBuyingIt via @Jezebel

What product are YOU #NotBuyingIt?