11/08/2007 12:05 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Entertaining Ourselves -- What Shall We Do?

In the spirit of Dr. Seuss let's make a rhyme or two:

Hollywood's writers are quiet and still
Perhaps it's time to pay the democracy bill.

Without them, we may have to think for ourselves
The opiate of the masses sitting silent on our shelves.

Two wars waging in Arab lands
A third is brewing and distracted viewers don't seem to give a damn.

Our children, our brothers our sisters too--just change the channel--pretend it has nothing to do with you. Hey look, American Idol--a dream come true!

No laughs to distract us -- holy cow
Where will we put our denial now?

Football, baseball, basketball too
America, where would she be without you?

What if Americans threw away their remotes and did not care if the writers wrote?
What if the commercials were worthless making the corporations mad?

No money to be made
It would be so sad.

What if Americans quit watching at all?
Our troops would be home for fall.