Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

I am grateful that even though the "R" word is not mentioned in the papers yet. Even if a recession is avoided, I'm thankful I am not terribly attached to anything I own anymore.
11/21/2007 06:33 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

The people's house is imploding! Liars and disillusioned are quitting on their own. Whew, no storming of the winter palace needed. Besides, it's going to take a few months to get off anti-depressants and sleeping pills and start paying attention again. The anti-depressant- pharmaceutical-advertising-blitzkrieg worked during wartime. We were depressed and could not sleep. Imagine that.

Nancy Pelosi has found her footing! Working to get our children, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers out of Iraq safely and showing the world a woman can be tough and tender makes me thankful. Now, lets hope she can stand her ground, and get the soldiers home safely. Then let's consider giving millions of scholarships to those majoring in conflict resolution.

I am grateful that even though the "R" word is not mentioned in the papers yet, it is clear Americans are about to have to tighten their collective belts. Even if a recession is avoided, I'm thankful I am not terribly attached to anything I own anymore. 9/11 and the subsequent wars cured many Americans of that. The war has left us overspent and ignoring needs here at home. So let it go -- love is really all that matters in this psychopathic environment. In the meantime, what do you think of this eBay advertisement: Anyone out there interested in a few Emmys and Edward R. Murrows? We can put your name on the labels in masking tape. People are getting so use to being lied to -- probably no one will notice.

A big Yee-Hah for my first year out of commercial television where I felt my-sold-out-soul getting sicker everyday as I watched my long-time colleagues work three times harder just to be put on part time status to save the media corporations zillions in health insurance. I watched as a media corporation held its annual party at a hotel, while the housekeepers inside were on strike. The housekeepers who wash the stained sheets of the privileged and wiped the piss from their toilets -- never stopped smiling. The housekeepers had too much class to tell "media" stars to go to hell. Here's to a Thanksgiving full of empathy for our fellow man.

I'm driving cross country now, and I want to thank all those attached to my tail gate for the consistent sign of friendship they wave my way as I drive the speed limit. Many must work in dangerous professions because even with my poor eyesight, I can tell some are missing fingers! On this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for mine and hope theirs grow back.

I'm in Colorado, where one of my former co-workers called to tell me her corporate media boss told her to either fill in her eyebrow frown with Botox, or she could take her human face and leave. "Hey, I asked my friend, trying to change the subject, did you see that ANOTHER White House insider is calling himself a liar? There's also some indication the highest levels of power may have been involved in outing Valerie Plame." She said, "Huh? When did that happen?" She was about to lead her broadcast with news of a storm blowing in. I give thanks -- that's no longer me. I hung up hoping she wasn't frowning.

I'm grateful Americans are angry. I am hopeful they will begin directing that rage in appropriate ways and at appropriate targets. The American military was ordered to invade a sovereign country. American's were humiliated by the bullies who said they spoke in our name. They don't. Most Americans believe in a constitution. That includes Congress. I am grateful for the checks and balances. And I'm not referring to my back account.

I'm happy we can stop yelling at our neighbors, and co-workers and banging out anonymous vitriol over this world-wide conduit of information. I am thankful that Americans are starting to finally understand why there are those who want us dead. This World Wide Web did more to educate us than anything else. I'm grateful I can communicate with those all over the world. (Bullies who yell loud, and have bombs should not be the judge of who else has them, and I'm not talking about Ahmadinejad.)

I am grateful my naivetᅢᄅ has been squelched forever by media corporations who deal in propaganda passed directly from the White House. Poor media corporation moguls, they took one look at the presidential approval ratings after 9/11 and became instant neo-conservatives. When Mr. Bush is gone, will those same moguls become friends with the American people again? And, will they do it by slanting the news the other way? If they do, will we remember their greed and duplicity and demand the FCC make some changes.

I'm grateful that I understand labels don't mean anything anymore. Republicans were supposed to be for less government. But, worshiping at the feet of corporations and doing the right thing are often in conflict. So, the watch-dog- agencies charged with protecting Americans during the Bush administration were often eliminated. Imagine this: The Centers for disease control is worried about a potential pandemic -- don't tell anyone -- the white house will handle it. It reminds me of Moscow during the Cold War. "We don't have prostitution or AIDS or alcoholism," Russian officials would say. Usually these announcements were made when the leaders could barely stand. Stoli, I wish I wasn't thankful for you...

Arms flung to the heavens in grateful determination to find the truth. The finest man I know sent me this one -- my dad. Suffice it to say, he is a funny, charming truth-seeking-pro-woman- hard-lovin'-man. So to get a recent email from him was disconcerting. It is a story about Denzel Washington and how supportive he is of American troops. It indicated how rare this was. Denzel visited and gave money to Fisher homes built for housing the families of troops in military hospitals. Actress Michelle Pfieffer, David Kelly, John Mellancamp, Cher and Rosie O'Donnell have also visited military hospitals and given money. Rosie (certainly a victim of misdirected anger) was one of the first to do so. After a heartbreaking day of witnessing what roadside bombs do to soldiers, Rosie tried to lighten the darkness with humor. She asked the folks at Fisher Homes, "What did Cher give -- no matter what it was -- I'll match it." "300K" was the answer. The check did not bounce. I'm grateful for the facts, and that I understand when celebrities give without the cameras rolling, they are the real deal. I also am grateful for enough grey matter to understand one can hate the war and love the men and women who fight.

Last and most importantly, I am grateful for every American willing to sign up for a war when called. They did not keep track of the lies coming from Washington because they were too busy avoiding road side bombs. I thank you, dear military men and women. I thank you beyond what I am capable of expressing. I ache for your return and to read the names of the fallen heroes that only you can tell us about. My sweet friend Toby, whose baby girl was just born, I want to thank you for being willing to miss her first Thanksgiving. Thank you all on this Thanksgiving for your bravery and sacrifices.

But, now come home. I want to welcome you back. I want to kiss your mother's cheek and shake your father's hand -- I want to pinch your children and make them smile.

What are you grateful for?