04/18/2012 05:18 pm ET Updated Jun 18, 2012

Your Game Plan to Conquer Finals Week

Welcome to the most popular time of the year for complaining over schoolwork. Instead of adding to the unproductive noise that usually detracts from everyone's focus, combat it with these helpful tools.

7. Switch locations as you transition between subjects.

Personally, I am a coffee shop studier, so I have a set line-up before I hit the books of which spot corresponds to which class. If the library is more your style, at least take a break from the stacks for a bit. If your university has multiple libraries, stretch your legs and mobilize. Compartmentalizing subjects via location-changes helps separate the overwhelming amount of information you are bound to cram in a short period of time.

6. Set immediate incentives.

Once you get through x amount of chapters in a certain class for the final, take a break and go for a run or a swim. If you are really cutting it close on time, have your favorite take-out restaurant in mind as an incentive. There's no shame in using your next meal as a source of excitement!

5. Create a study playlist.

The playlist must be strategically crafted. The goal of this is to place you in the proper mindset. Decide whether you operate best under a happy, relaxed environment or under a more competitive, pressurized one. Any song that heightens your preference should be included.

Personal favorites: Legally Blonde: The Musical soundtrack, especially "Chip on Your Shoulder," "What You Want" and "So Much Better"; "Eyes Open" by Taylor Swift

4. Distance yourself from addictive social media.

That's right, you'll need to shut down your social life for the next week or so. This may mean deactivating Facebook or entrusting a pal to switch your password if you don't have the strength to do it yourself. Ladies, your Pinterests will still be there when you return. As for your Twitter account, there's no need to tweet that you are busy working -- your tweets may only distract other weak-willed followers by prolonging their procrastinations.

3. Adopt a game-time perspective.

Love sports? Make studying for the exam synonymous to practicing for a big game or meet. Have a pre-study routine to set you in attack-mode. After all, your mission come exam-day is to get as many points as you can and get out as quickly as possible.

Tip: Calculate the number of points you will need to score your desired final grade. Once you are confident that you hit that number on the exam, feel free to head for the door to make your getaway.

2. Fake it 'til you make it.

Hate the current class you're studying for? Pretend you enjoy it for the hours you study and the time you spend taking the final. It may be tough, but can only improve your score (and attitude!).

1. Add Baileys to your coffee.

This is for that final hour when you realize that the class is beyond the scope that the mantra "fake it 'til you make it" covers. This #1 tip is self-explanatory; however, be careful, a little goes a long way. The goal with Baileys 'n coffee is to alleviate your temporary state of misery and prolong your tolerance toward the books, not destroy your chances of showing up for tomorrow's final.