11/25/2013 03:10 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Let Girls Lead Video Contest: Flora Gwirachewo

Flora Gwirachewo, 14
Christopher Mtima, Tribal Leader
Zomba District, Malawi

Traditional cultural practices such as child marriage are still enforced by most of the village heads in Malawi. That is what makes this video submission so inspiring. This video comes from Christopher Mtima, a tribal chief in the remote Zomba district of Malawi. Mr. Mtima works on behalf of his local community members in the areas of community development, human rights, adolescent girls' issues, early pregnancy and child welfare. In the video, he shares the story of Flora Gwirachewo, a 14-year-old girl from his district who took part in a training for adolescent girls through Chilimba Women and Children Support Organization, a local NGO working for the social welfare of women and children living in the rural communities. In this video, Flora shares how participating in this workshop and understanding her rights has changed her, her parents and her friends.

Flora's Story: (Mr. Mtima) My name is Christopher Mtima. And with me here is my colleague who is going to introduce herself.

(Flora) I'm Flora Gwirachewo, from Zomba in Malawi. I'm 14 years old. I attended an adolescent girls training where I learned about my rights. Because of this, I'm changing. Even my parents support the idea that the way I will live is changing to adopt the initiative. Even my friends are able to make good decisions now. Thank you for your interest.

(Mr. Mtima) I am very happy about what Flora was able to achieve from the training. And thank you also from me.

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