07/23/2014 02:57 pm ET Updated Sep 21, 2014

Fight With Love as Your Primary Weapon

Recent headlines remind us all too well that conflict is very much a part of life. An important question we need to ask ourselves, whether a conflict is personal or on a larger scale, is how can we best resolve them in ways that serve life for the greatest good?

One answer to this question is the title of this post:

Fight with love as your primary weapon.

When it is time to fight for something, a wide range of
weapons is at your disposal. If you come to the realization
that you want to fight for the good of all life, love must be
your primary weapon.

Whether in the heat of battle or in a less intense setting,
closing your heart in the interest of winning is a loss
for you and life. The amount of effort it will take to reopen
your heart might cost you more in time, energy, and lost
opportunities to love than whatever you perceive you have

Giants like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi are
wonderful examples of how to defend what you love with
an open heart. Their clarity of purpose and compassion in
finding ways to honor life through not harming others is

An inclusive heart will lead you to choose whatever
other weapons you need on the road to victory that serves
life. Love can be tenacious, too. The difference in being persistent
out of love is, you will not be cutting yourself off
from your own heart while fighting for what you believe in.

In what ways do you fight for what you believe in?
How can you bring more love into your battles?

This is a chapter from my new inspirational book Living Wisely. It draws on my knowledge of Taoism and Kabbalah's mystical Tree of Life to provide guidance to live with more joy, beauty and harmony. Living Wisely is a modern guidebook, which uniquely blends the ancient wisdom of these two great traditions in everyday language. You can open to any page, or the book can be read cover-to-cover to experience the underlying energy flow of the Tree of Life.

Your essence contains a timeless, unconditional love that connects you to all of life. With this in mind, I invite you to take a few moments to dwell on the value of keeping your heart open when in conflict and what is the cost of not doing so. As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments below.