03/11/2011 07:27 pm ET Updated Aug 16, 2012

Fat Cat Teachers?

Governor Walker claims that Wisconsin public school teachers are overpaid. The teachers union disagrees. We've all seen the dueling data; comparisons of teachers' pay in Wisconsin to other states, public employee pay compared to private sector employees and everything in between. It's all a bit confusing.

WATCH: The Daily Show brought clarity to this issue last night, visiting the homes of real Wisconsin teachers. Here's what they found:
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Call me crazy, but it doesn't look very luxurious. (Especially the teacher who couldn't afford to buy a dishwasher.)

If this is how public school teachers in Wisconsin live now, what will their lives be like after Walker cuts their pay? A lot will end up like Jill Kammer, a Wisconsin special education teacher of thirteen years, who fears losing her home when Governor Walker's plan is implemented.

I have a suggestion for Governor Walker and his supporters; try living on a teacher's pay for a while. Then we'll see if you still consider their compensation for educating our children so lavish.