06/13/2014 06:05 pm ET Updated Aug 13, 2014

Shout Out to the Haters: Addressing Some of My Favorite Negative Comments

sozaijiten/Datacraft via Getty Images

I'm a writer. I put my work out there at the risk of it being both praised and criticized. I welcome each different form of feedback and feel that they equally build upon my writing capabilities. However, for some unknown reason a lot of commenters prefer to attack my character or make negative speculations about my life, rather than assess my work. Things get personal. I see this happening to a lot of fellow bloggers as well. Due to the fact that these are all random strangers I have come to find their particularly hateful comments quite humorous. They make for laughable dinner conversation with my family and therefore I thought I would share them. I would like to give a few responses to some of my favorite comments thus far. Now I have some very kind comments as well, but haters, this one's for you.

1. "List of things that are better than having Lexi Herrick as your girlfriend: Masturbation. Need I say more?"

Ouch that one cuts deep sir. Hate to break it to you, but I'm sure men who comment on HuffPost Women articles about masturbation are probably not first priority for boyfriend selection either.

2. "Who would ever enjoy any of this girl's work? This is crap."
Well, if you are referring to the article that you commented on, roughly 167,000 people liked it and then 55,000 shared it on Facebook. It appears that there are a few that enjoy my work, but thank you for your curiosity.

3. "Uh, if you think wine and happy hour are preferable to having a relationship, you might have issues that are addressable by your friendly neighborhood AA meeting."
I'm an alcoholic now too? That's interesting. You see, as many of the commenters have so affectionately pointed out, I'm only 20. Therefore, I can't even attend happy hour or purchase my own wine. My posts are for my readers, but if I do end up being a future alcoholic, I do appreciate your concern for my well being.

4. "I guess it's hard to meet a good man while you're blogging about eating Nutella and watching Netflix. Having said that, you are pretty good looking. So I'll be at happy hour today with big bowl of Mexican cheese waiting for you and if things go well, maybe we can go back to my place while obnoxiously singing in my car and then put on our slipper socks, drink some of that double-list wine and I'll show you the one MAJOR benefit of having a boyfriend."
You know, I am not entirely sure if this was intended for mockery or insult, but I was certainly amused. Thank you random man, this sounds like a phenomenal date.

5. "This author has a seriously shitty, controlling boyfriend.

6. Whoever wrote this has a man who loves and respects her and treats her well."
I seem to have quite the variation in my boyfriend selection. I appreciate the input everyone.

7. "Apparently the woman who wrote this article has daddy issues."
I do? And here I was thinking I had a great relationship with my father. I'll have to consult him about this.

8. "She's a depressive single woman in denial."
I'm not even single... Stephen King writes about murderers, does that make him a murderer? I think not.

9. "I don't want advice from a stupid 19-year-old."
Hey now, I'm 20. Now really I'm insulted.

10. "Why are you such a man-hating whore?"

11. "What a cute way to further misogynistic heteronormativity."

Wait a second, I hate men AND women? Sheesh, I am a really hateful person.

12. "She's a desperate 20-year-old single girl, whose maturity level has not been baked properly."
Well sir, while I work on properly baking my maturity level, I suggest you work on your Internet trolling habits.

13. "The author of this blog is a full-blown Marxist."
I have never even written anything remotely political, but OK.

14. "She's probably super ugly."
Hey, you know my page is linked to various profiles of mine that contain images for you to determine this indefinitely. Go for it, I'd rather be just plain ugly than "probably ugly." Besides, the random guy who wanted to get me Mexican cheese dip and slipper socks thought I was attractive so you never know.

15. "You would pick food over a boyfriend."
Maybe, it depends on what kind of food we are talking about here.

16. "Whoever wrote this is probably too much of a bitch for any man to put up with her."
You know what I probably am. But mam, judging by your photo, you may be a little too old to be calling strangers bitches on the Internet. Just saying...

17. "This list written by an illiterate 12-year-old."
You people do realize copy-editors from The Huffington Post edit all of the posts before they go out, right? I am pretty confident that literacy is one of the qualifications for being an editor at The Huffington Post.

18. "All a guy wants from you is blow-jobs anyway."
Point taken.