Art -- Not Necessarily the Work of Superior Souls

02/14/2013 05:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This picture is inspired by George W. Bush's paintings that have been circulating around the Internet recently, after they were stolen from his email account.

I was moved by the paintings, strangely and very much. Three of them are self-portraits in the bath and shower. They have a sad and guilty mood to them, I think, and a Lady Macbeth-type longing for cleanliness.

(That's what inspired my take-off.)

I am surprised that I like art made by a president I hated. And I am extremely annoyed with myself for being surprised.

I've always disliked when people talk about art as something only a select few people can do well -- people with superior souls. I always thought that, since everyone has a soul, anyone can make great art, as long as they go about it right.

My reaction to Bush's paintings proved to me that I didn't really believe that at all.