06/18/2015 11:59 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Ways to Survive Mud Season

The resorts are closed, the snow is melting and the weather still can't decide whether it's in the mood for tropical-style heat or mood-killing chills. It's mud season in the high country.

And while some people are reveling in the idea that the hiking/ biking/ rafting/ climbing season is upon us, there are those who are still yearning for ski season. These are the die-hards who are counting the days until the lifts will rumble to life (189), the people who still have their skis in their cars (just in case of a freak blizzard)...those who will do almost anything to savor the feeling of ski season.

We feel you guys -- really, we do.

So, to help you out, here are 10 ways to survive mud season. This should help you cope until summer is fully upon us, when you can deal with the loss of skiing and fully embrace the sweet, short days of not-winter.

1. Start practicing your facial poses so as to obtain the perfect ski pass headshot. Make sure Fluffy gets in on the game.

PHOTO: Tahoe Mountain Sports

2. Try snowboarding or skiing on alternate surfaces. We hear the Sahara is lovely this time of year.


3. Is your backyard lacking in sand? That's okay. Grass works just fine, too.


4. You love your ski clothes. Don't pack them away, just sleep with them.

PHOTO: Atomic Skis

5. Your gear loves you, too. Be sure to take them on your next adventure.


6. Start cultivating your goggle tan for next year. This look is all the rage for wedding season.


PHOTO: Crystal Allen

7. Your significant other dragged you on a tropical vacation? Show them that you're still enamored with winter.


8. Form is everything. If you're going to get ahead on the slopes next year, you must practice. At all times. Especially at the pool.


9. Your freestyle tricks won't learn themselves. Lack of snow is no excuse for not practicing.


10. Find a walk-in cooler. Get in. Stay there until June. If there's no beer cooler near you, remodel your house so that it's made entirely of ice.


If none of the above suggestions work, here's an option: move to Australia. It's the first sweet days of ski season down under!

By Katie Coakley / @KatieCoakley