09/18/2013 06:14 pm ET Updated Nov 18, 2013

5 Companies That Will Make Your Life Easier

We all have too much to do and not enough time to do it. I decided to take a walk down TechCrunch Disrupt's Startup Alley to bring you 5 companies that will save you time and money.

Pingwell has been working hard to bring you Grocery Exchange, the perfect information tool for grocery shoppers. Former Wall Street quant jock, Tim Sears, noticed big price discrepancies among local stores. Grocery store chains treat this information like state secrets, so Tim teamed up with the creator of Grocery Gadget, Anatoliy Babayev, and they figured out a way for consumers share grocery prices via that mobile internet cloud we share with the NSA. It's like Wikileaks for groceries. Pretty soon the NSA will have nothing on consumers who use Grocery Exchange to protect their wallets. See, not all Wall Street executives are evil.

Bistri picks up where Skype left off. Not only does it run in your browser, eliminating the need for intrusive software, it integrates with your social media contacts. Serial entrepreneur, Arnaud Budkiewicz, brings you one click access, so you can video conference with up to four participants at any given time. Bistri provides a Click-to-Video-Call Widget that lets anybody create a Bistri Button in a few clicks. Now you can stay in touch with family and friends with one click.

Regalii hails from YCombinator. It was founded by Wharton grad Edrizio De La Cruz to solve a real problem. Each year, immigrants send $69 billion in remittances to family in Latin America, of which 64% is spent on groceries and paying bills (source: World Bank, 2010). However, senders in the U.S have no way of knowing when and how their hard-earned dollars are spent, and recipients face the danger of traveling to dangerous neighborhoods to retrieve their cash. Regalii allows end users to pay for groceries and bills via an SMS by partnering with a network of over 7,000 merchants.

empowers companies to manage their workforce like global conglomerates. We all dream of starting a restaurant, coffee shop, or bed and breakfast, but the thought seems overwhelming. That was before Planday decided to create workforce management software for the rest of us. Planday makes scheduling, reporting, and payroll easy.

Leaf takes the basic functionality of credit card processing and adds mobility and backend analytics. This lightweight device enables you to efficiently collect payments and manage customer relationships. With Leaf, business owners are able to deliver customized receipts, enable chartable giving, and participate in loyalty rewards.