09/25/2012 08:11 am ET Updated Nov 25, 2012

7 Steps to Healthy Weight Loss, Without Dieting

Misinformation about weight loss abounds, and anyone who's tried to diet knows it. We begin strict diets with the best of intentions, but they ultimately result in feelings of failure as we boomerang back to our original weight, or -- even worse -- gain more. This lifestyle is unsustainable, unnerving and, frankly, unfulfilling. We blame ourselves, saying, "If only I had more willpower," when the reality for most people is that crash-course diets don't work.

And they don't have to. It is possible to attain a healthy weight and have a more satisfying life at the same time by simply paying attention to what and how we eat. People like Mondo Samu, who's lost over 100 pounds through mindful eating and mindful living, are a good example.

When practiced regularly, mindful eating enhances every aspect of our daily existence, and is therefore self-perpetuating. Instead of a diet, which gets harder to adhere to once the initial excitement wears, mindfulness becomes more rewarding as we practice and notice that we're not only loosing weight, but also gaining energy, emotional stability, compassion, gratitude and joy. The best part: We get to enjoy our food more -- it actually tastes better.

Try these seven mindful eating practices for one week, and let me know how it goes. My guess: You will be pleasantly surprised and ready for more.

7 Steps To Healthy Weight Loss, Without Dieting

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