01/21/2012 11:35 am ET

I Didn't See the Movie...

So I didn't see the movie, does that mean that I get to go to the after party? At Sundance the answer is a resounding yes. In fact, what would they do with all the overstocked cases of booze and over-bounced locations? Where would the drunken wanderers who fall down stairs and shoot out into traffic demanding "A good party!" Go?

My friends and I wandered up to a few after-parties where people couldn't see the door, let alone get in. It doesn't really matter if you're on the party list if you can't reach the door. Then we tried to get a drink at a dive only to learn that it had a 20 dollar cover charge and club music that wasn't even cool in the '90s; better to brave the party lines. We finally ended up at the "Simon Killer" party, both because I thoroughly enjoyed ANTONIO CAMPOS' first feature Afterschool and because all five of us could get in.

The producers JOSH MOND and MATT PALMIERI seemed delighted by the reception of the film (which, again, I have not seen yet) and put together an overall very fun party at Bing Bar. The sight of EDWARD JAMES OLMOS made a few friends geek out and swoon immediately, referencing Captain Adama from his Battlestar days. The always funny and eternally shaggy Save The Date star, MARTIN STARR was harangued by fans wanting to take pictures with his Knocked Up beard and his friend, the beautiful and wide-smiling MARIANNA PALKA (Good Dick) kept things light. Rosemarie Dewitt, Ron Livingston, Melanie Lynskey (Hello I Must be Going), Elizabeth Olsen (Liberal Arts and Martha Marcy Mae Marlene), and others danced and hung out mostly unmolested. I finally bid my adieu at 2 in the morning with the image of one of the producers, JOSH MOND, mounting a table next to the speakers and shaking his booty to Ludacris for a bunch of bemused onlookers. I guess that's the way everyone should end the long road of getting a film made.