02/11/2014 04:07 pm ET Updated Apr 13, 2014

Everything You Need to Know About New York Fashion Week

Though many are focused on the Sochi Olympics as of late, an important event has also been going on: New York Fashion Week. From heat-activated fabrics at Alexander Wang to the chocolate backdrop at Opening Ceremony, Fashion Week has surely gotten off to a good start, ever since it started on February 6. Even if you know nothing about fashion, you more than likely know about fashion shows, as they have been the primary mode of showcasing upcoming trends and styles since the mainstream fashion industry's nascence in 1943.

Fashion week happens twice a year in the major capitals of the world: New York City, Paris, Milan and London. From January through April, designers showcase their autumn and winter collections, both Ready-to-Wear (items that will be sold in stores) and Haute Couture (high fashion, handmade pieces that are made to order). Fashion week for spring fashion is held from September through December in the second half of the year. Editors, buyers and bloggers alike attend the shows, aiming to take away the biggest trends and styles for that season. Though runway shows used to be a very VIP event, today they are accessible by millions of people -- from live recordings of runway shows online to the in-depth coverage by a variety of fashion websites. Now that you have a clear idea of what fashion week is, here are some of the most major moments that have happened thus far:

Alexander Wang - Alexander Wang's futuristic show featured heat-activated fabrics, transforming plain black garments to patterned, neon pieces.

Public School - This was the first time that Public School, an acclaimed menswear brand, released a women's line. Admirers included Anna Wintour, Editor-in-chief of Vogue, who was seated in the front row.

Opening Ceremony - Appropriately named after the Opening Ceremony in the Olympic Games, this American brand featured 4,000 pounds of Belgium chocolate dripping down the walls of the runway. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, anyone?

Diane Von Furstenberg - The Italian designer Diane Von Furstenberg remixed her classic wrap dress with safari prints and different silhouettes in celebration of the monumental dress's 40th anniversary!

Victoria Beckham - Victoria Beckham's entire family sat in the front row to support her at the show. How cute is that? Oh, and the clothes were pretty great too.