01/29/2012 03:08 pm ET Updated Mar 30, 2012

Is Anyone Still Watching Grey's Anatomy ?

I remember the days when Meredith Grey's opening voiceover marked an hour-long journey of medical miracles, snarky banter and at least one hot doctor doing something naughty in an on-call room. Seattle Grace was the place to be on Thursday nights and I embraced the entire hour-long journey. (Except for the one where Izzie has a brain tumor and sees dead people. Shonda Rhimes can't win them all, am I right?)

Last night I prepared to catch up on my ever-expanding list of DVR'd shows. As I clicked through my favorites to determine the viewing order of my lazy evening, I was shocked to discover that there were six episodes of Grey's Anatomy that I hadn't watched this season. To be honest, I hadn't even thought about the show lately.

Could it be that after eight seasons I've grown indifferent about the characters? Do I no longer care about the odd yet relatable bond of my favorite couple Meredith and Cristina? Is Dr. Shepherd's debonair and brooding presence now lost on me? Have I learned everything there is to learn from the sharp Miranda Bailey?

My loyalties have definitely wavered. Instead of immediately tuning in each week to experience the lives of my favorite group of doctors, I'm choosing to try and figure out fairy tale characters in Storybrooke, laughing at what Jess and Schmidt are saying, getting completely sucked in by Emily Thorne's devious ways and wondering which one-liners from Phil Dunphey I'll be quoting the next day. I'll even watch Glee before tuning in to Grey's. And Glee's been on the fence for me for a long time.

Help me out Grey's fans. Is it worth sitting through the six episodes I haven't watched? Or should I cut my losses and just focus on the hours of television I have recorded in my DVR?