07/16/2014 01:47 pm ET Updated Sep 15, 2014

Changes Ahead: How to Create a Personal Transformation

It seems we are experiencing extreme changes, adversity and obstacles now more than ever and yet, now is not the time to feel overwhelmed, helpless or resist change in support of the status quo. During these times, we must resist the urge to disappear and avoid dealing with situations which may be shifting in our lives. In the midst of these dramatic events, we can learn to make the changes we need and accomplish a profound personal transformation.

We can accomplish transformation in any number of ways, but I favor using our intent -- our purpose, ambition or desire -- as a force that makes us succeed when our negative thoughts or others tell us that we cannot. When our intent is clear, it allows us to actually affect the outcome of events by the sheer force of our awareness and single mindedness. Regardless of how we feel in the face of the adversity, knowing that our thoughts, words, feelings and actions -- the focus of our attention -- are the means to transformation, we can find the strength we need to change.

During times of rapid change, people may act out and their fear reactions could intensify. When others project their own limitations onto us, it will feel unpleasant, but if we practice becoming neutral, it gives us the time to regroup with new responses and choices. We are, after all, ultimately responsible for how we respond to all experiences and if we find ourselves projecting negativity onto someone else, stop and face our own fear instead.

As we move through these uncertain and ever shifting times it would not be wise to resist the inevitable changes or dig in our heels and refuse to see situations or people in a new light. To ensure we allow ourselves the opportunity for transformational experiences, it may be necessary to choose a different set of beliefs and/or responses to the usual situations.

Transformational Choices:

  1. Be brave because you are powerful beyond your knowing.
  2. Create a kind, genuine, forgiving approach to life.
  3. Make decisions consciously and carefully, so the drama is minimized.
  4. When faced with what appears to be insurmountable obstacles, know that it only appears to be insurmountable.
  5. Keep your thoughts, words and actions on the highest level that you can manage.
  6. Practice compassion, but stay aligned to and focused on your own truth.
  7. Fear nothing and if fear creeps in, face it in the light of day.
  8. Let go of guilt and blame, as you could not have done otherwise at any given point in time.
  9. Hate no one but know there are those whom you might choose to avoid.
  10. Seek knowledge and care about what you learn.
  11. Create conditions, which will provide you with health, purpose, humor and success.
  12. Every single moment, you are choosing what to share with the world -- choose love.

If you are still feeling overwhelmed by life and if the list above is too much to contemplate right now, know this: A simple kindness to one's self and all that lives, is the most powerful transformational force of all...