How Breakthroughs Help You Create the Life You Want

The breakthrough that will lead us to the life we want, cannot happen without first examining the life we have been living. With everything we are managing and enduring, we may have lost touch with the vision of who we wanted to be and how we wanted to live.
04/29/2014 08:41 am ET Updated Jun 29, 2014

When each of us feels good within, and we are enjoying the freedom that comes from living the life we desire, there are no limits to the positive possibilities and potentials that will unfold. Although we may know this is true intellectually, why is it so difficult to break through and create the life we want?

During these challenging times, how we have been living can quickly become our undoing. The breakthrough that will lead us to the life we want cannot happen without first examining the life we have been living. With everything we are managing and enduring, we may have lost touch with the vision of who we wanted to be and how we wanted to live. As we move forward, our unworkable issues are in full view and the tried and true methods of resolution may not be as effective. To make progress, being open to new perspectives, directions and choices is critical.

To help create breakthroughs, prioritize the following seven actions:

1. Overcome Tension and Turmoil
If our safety and home life is affected by turmoil, we are apt to stay in survival mode and the experiences of prospering, strength and peace can elude us. Living daily with violence, financial uncertainty, health challenges and family conflicts leave us little energy or resources to contemplate or plan for different and more positive choices. If we choose to keep a list of infractions that one individual has committed against another, acceptance and forgiveness will be unavailable for us. If we judge another, then the forgiveness and understanding that can erase all that went before is unattainable. If we choose to look at events in our life from a victim perspective, then we will experience more of the same. On the other hand, if we overcome the tension and turmoil that has become our normal and develop the strengths and abilities that are needed to make a more promising future, our life will reflect back to us a set of new circumstances and chances to choose differently.

2. Get Free of the Past
Old wounds, stubborn and outdated beliefs, trauma during childhood and unresolved issues can hold us back when they are left to fester in our subconscious. Bringing painful memories to the surface to be finally healed and released is emotionally difficult, but finding a way to face these traumas can transform the pain into wisdom and allow us to experience a new level of connection and different life experiences. Our willingness to look at these unresolved aspects, to end what is not working, facilitates a new way of being and frees us from our past. When we are freed from our past, the breakthrough can create healing and balancing which allows us to move into a future of our choice.

3. Pay Attention
Watch for moments when life opens up in new ways. Opportunities abound, but if no action is taken, they can disappear as quickly as they came. Pay close attention to what is in front of you -- inspiration, help, advice and choices -- and quiet the voice of uncertainty and fear. If we pay attention to our inner voice, not the programming from our past or those who profess to know us better than we know ourselves, we will find our way. Doors will open. When they open, we may be introduced to new people, new projects or new situations. If we allow ourselves to get stuck in complaining, fear or controlling mode, the opportunity may be lost.

4. Make Major Changes
Be hungry for change -- we have the right to live our lives in peace and abundance. It is human nature, however, to feel uncertain when things suddenly and sometimes unexpectedly change. It's understandable that we want to know what's happening and where we are headed, so we can control our fear, but at times of major crossroads, we may not have all the facts and/or the control that would make us feel comfortable. Once we learn to feel safe in the vulnerable space between uncertainty and a new reality, we can learn to embrace change instead of pushing it away. Because let's face it, change is happening and this is no time to dig in our heels and resist it. Finding a way to harness the energy of change and move with it instead of against it is fundamental for breakthroughs.

5. Recognize Our Failings in Order to Move Forward
When we find the courage and humility to look at those moments when we did not live up to our highest vision of who we are, it may feel like our deepest fears and darkest moments are merging with our anxiety, shame and self-doubt and it can be overwhelming. Forcing to the surface the memories of our vulnerabilities and failings is necessary for us to experience compassion, forgiveness and surrender. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we actually find freedom from fear and we give ourselves permission to be different. Regardless of what we view as our failings, we can bring an end to the hiding and judgment of them. Bring yourself into the present and remember why you are alive now. Remind yourself of who you really are. And as we move forward, know that none of us were ever meant to be perfect and yet, we are perfect because we are here.

6. Trust you Have Genius
Contrary to what we were told and conditioned to believe, we have power and potential -- aka genius. Each of us has our own particular genius and it expands within us once it is recognized. It is up to each of us to discover what our genius is and how to gift it to the world.

7. Begin to Express Your Genius
Now is the time to rethink what we always thought was possible. Be patient with the circumstances needed for our genius to unfold and gain traction. Whether it is radical revolutionary change or being able to express hope to our family, know that our genius is our purpose and connect with any and all inspiration to bring it to life.

During the inevitable breakthrough, remember to breathe deeply, stay present and feel confident. Maintain the vision of the kind of the life you want and you will create it.