12/26/2012 11:15 am ET Updated Feb 25, 2013

What I Want in 2013: Am I Asking Too Much?

1. All children to grow up safe and away from abuse, violence and hatred.

2. That we could read each other's thoughts. It would be easier to stay clear of the mean people
who pretend to be nice and our lives would eventually become authentic and accountable, if not initially chaotic and funny.

3. Our government to re-tool, re-work and re-think itself, its purpose and its obligations.

4. Food for everyone... everywhere.

5. Nature to forgive our blatant disrespect for her well-being and be willing to start again with an understanding that we will do better.

6. A handshake of respect and understanding between all opposing views.

7. People who love and care for animals be given a wish of their choice.

8. The media to take a pause and think before they speak and act. Hint: Think of truth and think of what is decent.

9. All people to be free of fear.

10. Military personnel to come home, raise their children and care for their own communities.

11. Everyone knowing his or her "gift" and giving it freely.

12. More laughter. More health. More Love. More kindness.

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