04/10/2012 06:19 pm ET Updated Jun 10, 2012

The Wonder Woman Act

The Wonder Woman phenomena can be seen when you witness women who are driven to create it all. They manage everything you ask of them, can overcome obstacles and nothing that they feel passionate about is unattainable. When we practice the Wonder Woman Act, obstacles fall by the wayside through our determination and "why not" attitude. We choose to start businesses, inspire people, train our bodies to accomplish feats and enjoy motherhood fully. In our minds, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. When we live our lives as a Wonder Woman, we can move mountains. To be in the company of a Wonder Woman is either awe-inspiring or threatening.

In life there is opposition, a counter force so to speak. For those practicing the WWA (Wonder Woman Act), negativity is routine and expected. We know some individuals will not appreciate our abilities and they will ultimately be threatened by who we are. It is easy for us to see those who feel "less than" in our presence. We routinely hear comments such as "Why are you doing this?" "You make us all look bad" and "What are you trying to Prove, you should take it down a notch!" To achieve less and settle for less than what you are capable of may be comforting for some, but not for those who live by the Wonder Woman Act.

One Wonder Woman I know of had a troubled upbringing and through her perseverance, she not only saved herself from repeating the mistakes of her parents, she tried to "save" them for over 20 years. This Wonder Woman educated herself, had a shining career, excelled at single parenthood, pursued philanthropy and won awards in martial arts. It seemed to us all as if nothing could stop her drive until this Wonder Woman Act experienced so much resistance that all of her passion and strength were used to fight off attacks. She fought for her children in court, she fought for her new husband, she fought for her business, she fought a loved one's addiction, she fought financial hardship, she fought health concerns, she fought against the lies told about her and she fought injustice. When it came time to fight grief and sadness, she found her Wonder Woman powers to be in limited supply. This WWA found that fighting the good fight was draining. She had been fighting for so long, she forgot to flame her passion and care for herself. She lost her determination and was unable to inspire any longer.

The greatest obstacle for a Wonder Woman Act appears to be isolation. The people who hated her for the WWA and all its gifts seized on her vulnerabilities and told lies that caused her loved ones to doubt her and she slowly withdrew from the life she could no longer fight for. While isolated, she found her grief to be debilitating. While her sadness grew, fear found a home. As her options began to dwindle, she told herself that she would lie low, which would keep her safe. She was safe but invisible for four years.

Eventually as she healed, she slowly regrouped, relearned and remembered who she was and why she was here. When her small, contained life started to feel "tight" she knew she was ready to become visible again. She broke free of her self-imposed prison and is now working towards nurturing her passion. Her independence is feeling normal again. She manages her fear regarding those who mean to harm her and moves steadily forward listening to her heart. She can now inspire herself to continue on. She has regained some of her momentum and I, for one, see this as her Wonder Woman Act II and knowing her, whatever she chooses, it will benefit us all -- once again.