01/22/2015 10:44 am ET Updated Mar 24, 2015

Become Your Own Fortune Teller


When I was a kid, my mother was obsessed with fortune tellers. And they came in all varieties. Some read her palm; the tea leaves in her tea cup, and some would hold onto a personal item, all for the purpose of channeling her future.

For some reason, my mother always dragged me along to these sessions. The fortune tellers were always mysterious looking women who lived in big old houses like the one in the movie Psycho. I was terrified of these excursions and their ability to "read" a person's future. How the heck did they know? But my feeling of terror was also because they never held back from telling my mom about the accidents and mishaps that were waiting for her in the coming years. Not once, was there any good news.

But what scared me the most is that my mom believed every prediction. So when she was told there would be a car accident in our family and that a close relative would get sick and die, my mom would go about her life and wait for it to happen. And sure enough, it did. I can still hear her say: Just see, she was right!

Fortune tellers made me feel scared and angry. I was angry at the idea that my life could be predestined, but more so that I may not have any say in the matter. How unfair was that? And I was angry that they could plant a scary belief in my mom's head that she would hold onto as the absolute truth. Even though I was young, I knew instinctively that there was something powerful going on in these meetings, but there was also something screwy about it all.

I do believe that there are people who can predict our futures. And even though I don't understand how they can pick up on the specifics of what's going to happen, some people do have the ability to read someone's energy in that moment and surmise a possible general outcome. What I don't like is the idea that I'm not able to do that for myself. I don't want any outside person telling me how it's going to be. I want to be the one in charge.

Over the years, I've come to know that we are our own fortune tellers. We latch on to stories and beliefs about what we think is going to happen to us, and just like my mom, we go about our lives and wait for them to unfold. For example, you may have a persistent thought and belief that you'll never find a mate, that you'll never get ahead in your career, or that money is not going to come easy for you. The fact that you hold onto and embrace those thoughts is no different than the fortune teller telling my mom that she would be in a car crash. The idea gets planted deeply in your brain, you keep thinking about it over and over, and you end up calling it to you.

Thoughts Become Things.

If you really want to know what's in your future, look closely at the thoughts and emotions you think and feel most often about every aspect of your life. Are you hopeful of a good future? Do you believe you'll get what you want? Do you feel worthy of your hopes and dreams? Are you constantly dreading something that you don't want to happen to you? Whatever is consistently occupying your mind and imagination is really a precursor to what you are drawing to you.

To this day, I'm still uneasy about fortune tellers or intuits who have the ability to read people. And I think at the heart of my fear is the idea that I may not actually be in control, and that I have no real power to determine my own future. But I put that down to some residual effects of seeing my mom hand over her power to these people year after year.

Back in the sixties, my mom didn't know much about the power of thought, and it would never have occurred to her that she actually had the power to create and determine how her life was going to turn out. Times have changed. Just go into any book store and check out the self-help section. You'll find shelves of books on the power of thought, how we create our own reality with our thoughts, and the law of attraction.

Clearly, those fortune tellers were good at reading my mom's energy in that moment. It's a pity they couldn't have told her that yes, she was destined for a car crash, but that she could easily avoid it if she paid more attention to her energy.

There's still a lot of interest and fascination with fortune tellers. But I believe it's because some people don't really want to take responsibility for their own life. Or, maybe it's because they're uncomfortable knowing that they have that kind of power to make something happen in their life. They'd rather have someone else tell them how things are going to be.

Changing your life requires discipline and focus. It requires constant vigilance to focus our thoughts and feelings in the direction that feels better. But If all of this feels as if it's too much hard work, then just make up a story about how you want things to be, and keep reminding yourself about it. And very soon, you'll realize that you too have the power to become your own fortune teller.