10/20/2014 03:51 pm ET Updated Dec 20, 2014

Ironing Out Your Personal Kinks

fStop Images - Sven Hagolani via Getty Images

You know how it goes. You turn on the faucet full blast that's attached to your garden hose, but when you aim to water your shrubs, nothing comes out. We know that the source of water is in there waiting to gush out, but it's being held back because of the kinks and folds in the hose. Solution? Unravel the kinks.

I believe that our inability to thrive in life is similar to what's going on with the garden hose. In the same way that I know for sure there is an unlimited source of water that's wanting to flow though the hose, I also believe there's an unlimited pipeline of wealth, good fortune, prosperity, and abundance that's wanting to flow into our lives. But we block the flow of it -- we don't allow it to gush out -- because we also have kinks that need to be unraveled.

Human kinks take the form of thoughts and beliefs like: I don't deserve to be rich; I don't have what it takes; I was born unlucky; it's my bosses fault; I can't trust my husband; I just don't have what it takes to be successful. I'm afraid I'll get hurt by others; there's not enough to go around. How come other people have more than I do?

How do I know this? Because when I've deliberately tried to unravel a kink in my own life, money flows to me, creativity and clarity emerge, great people cross my path, opportunity knocks on my door, my body heals, and life just seems to flow effortlessly. Conversely, when I worry, feel envy, doubt myself, put myself down, and judge others (to name a few), the flow becomes a trickle, it can dry up like a dessert, and yes, I even get constipated! It's all connected, for sure.

If you don't believe me, try an experiment: Pretend you're a social scientist. Notice your personal kinks, not in judgmental way, but in a curious, interested, and questioning way. Notice how they make you feel a negative emotion. Hint: A thought that produces a negative emotion is a quintessential, authentic kink -- the real deal. Once you can spot it, you can begin to question it and find out if it's really telling the truth. Hint: If your kink makes you feel bad, it's a lie!

Living a kink-free life is not just about creating wealth and getting stuff (although, that's not bad way to live!). It's about getting yourself re-connected and plugged into to a source of power that is your true nature. And if all of that just sounds a bit too lofty, just know that kink-free living is just a healthier, easier, and happier way to be in life.

We'll never be truly kink-free in life, and your pipeline may not gush at full force all of the time, but you want to be alert to times of drought where your inner flow dries up and your personal kinks cause you to lose connection with your real self. When the water dries up, be kind to yourself, and don't go desperately and frantically looking for water. Just know that's it's always there available to you, and that it will once again flow to you as soon as you're ready to let go of your kinks.