03/25/2015 05:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Healing From Within

You heal the body and mind by administering to the spirit. It sounds simplistic when you speak it aloud, but the strength behind this statement is a clear indication of where true health care lies. It lies in our own hands.

Illness is usually treated for the symptom. Sometimes the physical or mental cause is actually discovered, but rarely is the spiritual cause recognized, defined or even addressed.

If your mind is troubled, you might see a therapist. If your body is in pain, you might most likely seek out a doctor. These two experienced professionals of the field of mind and body will forge together to try to help put you back together and ultimately "heal" you. It's safe to say that body and mind are covered, but what about Spirit? We hear the phrase often in healing that it is important to "keep the patient's spirits up" for full recovery. But who is doing that, and do they realize how important it is to integrate the recovery of spirit into that of mind and body?

Spirit is defined as the essence of our being, the light within us that allows us the emotion of sad, happy, or bad, good. It is how we treat our spirit and how we allow our spirit to be treated that decides whether we are healthy, happy and well adjusted. Chances are that the issue you have of the mind and body are the result of a direct hit on your spirit because it was in a weakened state.

Here are three ways to help you enjoy a full circle healing experience:

1. Find someone in spiritual practice to assist in connecting the spirit with the body and the mind. There are many practitioners you can seek out, and avenues of healing available, that will act to help guide you.

2. Focus, wear or include in your environment colors to open you to the awareness of positive energy. All color is positive, and if we choose to be around colors that make us feel good, it will create a reflection of that positive energy and make it healing to our environment.

3. Meditate on the colors to see how they make you emotionally feel. Though they are all positive, it is your connection to the colors you choose that will encourage healing.

It is my belief that only through the healing of spirit with that of the body and mind, can true healing take place. Your spirit is in your hands; incorporate it into your healing process by administering to its nourishment and including it in your personal health care plan.