08/12/2013 11:33 am ET Updated Oct 12, 2013

Directing Your Personal Energy Current

It's one o'clock in the morning and I am tossing and turning while fighting the storm that has entered our atmosphere. With a storm comes lightning and thunder, a combination that stirs up energy, and that atmospheric pressure affects our own personal energy. Depending on the length of the storm, it can be hard not to ride it out by staying up all night, eyes wide open, body buzzing as the mind fights that desire to slowly flutter off to dreamland. It is this "fight" with one's energy that causes us to toss and turn in insomnia.

Rather than toss and turn, I have always used these times of energy shifting as the perfect opportunity to be productive and direct that current of energy I'm feeling. That opportunity does not lend itself only to storms, but includes new moons, full moons, retrogrades and even eclipses, as they all can contribute the same seemingly disruptive energy. It amazes me that anyone would think that the moon could move large bodies of water to create tides, yet that it could not possibly influence the movement of a human body, which is between 60- and 75-percent water! There is a reason why emotion and ocean rhyme. It's to remind us that our lunar connection shapes our responses and we have to consider that as we move through our daily existence if we want to establish emotional balance.

People reacting through emotional outburst (and we all have those moments) have allowed themselves to be tempered by the vibrations around them. No matter what shakes you up, the fact remains that your energy is still shaken up, and it would behoove you to use that distraction to your advantage, rather than to toss and turn, literally losing sleep over it.

I have found ways to direct my own personal current of energy that may prove to help you get a start on working with your own:

1.  Journalize -- Free writing is a way to explore the melding of your waking world with your dream world.  It will help to ease what's on your mind and expend that energy.

2.  Creative Effort -- In lieu of writing, you can also do other things to inspire your time awake, but make sure it is something that does not stimulate you, like a game of Challenge. The idea is to expend extra energy while directing it, not to stimulate it. But remember to log into your journal what you did during this time.

3. Track Your Progress -- Utilize your calendar along with your journal. It doesn't matter if you keep records on paper or if you use your computer. Let your instincts tell you what feels right for you. The idea is to use a log and date your activity faithfully so you have a heads up on the months ahead, so choose something user-friendly. Mark up your calendar over the course of at least three months with the dates of the moon cycles, retrogrades, eclipses and anything you read about that would cause an energy shift in our skies (like comets, for instance).

Ultimately, these suggestions will help you avoid some of the more negative aspects that touch upon our energy like unexplained anger, depression, and impulse, because you will have documentation to indicate how you react during energy shifts. When you learn to direct the current of your energy this way, you will be able to understand how it relates to you personally and respond to these shifts so you afford yourself less negative emotions and a relaxing respite from it.   

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