02/24/2012 10:16 am ET Updated Apr 25, 2012

Best Oscar Winners' Names For Babies

If the Academy can hand out their Oscars for Best Actors, it seems only fair for Nameberry to bestow its own Berry awards on Best Actors' Names. But unlike the Academy, we're not limiting ourselves to the year just past. Instead, we are considering all the Best and Supporting Actor/Actress winners over time. Since two of the four current top girl baby names were Oscar winners decades ago, we won't be listing them. (Sophia Loren took home the Best Actress prize for Two Women in 1961 and Olivia de Havilland won not one but two Oscars -- in 1946 for To Each His Own and in 1949 for The Heiress.) Here are the rest -- the Lifetime Berry Awards for best names!