04/16/2015 10:59 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Steps to Detox Your Mind (And Upgrade Your Life!)

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Leading a happy and fulfilled life requires us to make intentional choices each day, create our own optimism and believe strongly in ourselves. But what do we do when we find our minds racing -- full of thousands of over-analyzing, attention seeking thoughts screaming to get our attention and blocking us from clarity? And how do we purge this overwhelm and start to move towards this sense of ease and joy?

Start with your thoughts.


When we change our thoughts, we change our lives.

1. Begin by writing it all down. One of the things we mamas are most guilty of is trying to keep track of everything in our heads. What's wrong with this, you might ask? (Some of you may even be thinking that it is working for you.) Well, the problem is that when it isn't written down it is cluttering up your mind and can't be properly prioritized. Part of living intentionally is having the clarity to prioritize tasks so you can funnel time toward the things that matter the most to you without task hopping with no regard to value or importance.

2. Blast negative mental chatter -- you know the inner voice that shows up when you are worried, judges others and criticizes you at your most vulnerable edges? Kick it to the curb. You have complete power to notice when it shows up, take a deep breath (or two), release the negative energy and hold the space for something more positive and powerful to arrive.

3. Create space within yourself -- as you do, you are free to let your mind still itself and be fully present. How do you stay present? Activate your senses: notice what you are seeing, feeling, hearing, touching, tasting. This allows you to engage presently with your kids, friends and co-workers without referencing catalogued experiences and their associated emotions. Enjoy the moment as it is in front of you without judgment or past associations.

4. Continue to hold the space as you await your next set of instructions. The beauty of clearing your mental clutter is that it allows your intuition to have a stronger voice. It is no longer being drowned out by negativity, worry or simply miscellaneous bits of information floating around in your head (and not organized/prioritized on paper). Like a gap in conversation, this space can be uncomfortable at first but as you become comfortable with allowing breathing room in your life, it will slowly start to fill with the magic of possibility. When the time comes, your intuition will always guide you to the next step- in the meantime, allow space for it to manifest. Find comfort in the space between.

5. Once you receive your next intuitive 'hit', take action! Action cures fear. As you move forward with a vision of what is possible, you can bypass many of the mental obstacles that can trip us up (like overthinking)!

You've got this!