09/12/2013 05:33 pm ET Updated Nov 11, 2013

Rebirth of the Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine is Mother Nature crying out, not in despair, but with conviction, challenging us all to take inventory. The Divine Feminine is not a wounded "spirit" but rather a powerful force, waiting for us to recognize this aspect of our nature in today's world.

The water nymphs, once in tune with nature, danced the celestial dance with her, as they ran through the springs, laughing and splashing about. Their existence, however, became fragile as they sought out the remoter areas, losing the essence of their nature, as the roots of civilization began growing rapidly.

The wise grandmothers, who held the image of light in the palms of their hands, found their energy being drained by the grandfathers, who took it upon themselves to dig deeper into the earth and make their demands, oblivious of the light and focused on understanding the dark.

The Divine Feminine and Masculine energy exists in each and every one of us today. When in equilibrium, union occurs and we reach balance through this union. In April this year, I found myself walking through the ruins in Delphi.

It was a crisp morning. There was a deep silence accompanying me on my walk that day, and I could only hear the silence. Wrapped up in its beauty and grace I followed the sacred route, to stand before the remains of the Maiden Sphinx, a short column.

I had seen her that morning, her serene features looking out at the horizon, her animal body seated regally, and I focused on her wings that spoke of her celestial mystery. The curator at the museum informed me that she had once stood at the entrance in Delphi, warding off the dark forces that could interfere with the oracle.

As I stood, looking out at the ruins around me, I sensed the hidden beauty of Mother Nature slowly awakening from her sleep. Water flowed unseen beneath the earth, and I let my hands encourage its flow. I made my way up to the second tier, awakening the spirit that is eternal and stopped again, conscious there was a sudden, extraordinary feeling bursting from my heart. The Delphyn emerged to slip down into her home under the ground, and the Python flew out, his beautiful spread wings settling around him, as he took his place on a rock nearby. Apollo appeared to my left, holding his bow and arrow, and from deep within I heard a voice, "Beware of False Gods!"

Apollo could never kill Python, for Python's spirit is alive as it has always been. Python rose majestically into the air, to take his place with Delphyn, and I resumed my walk. Later that morning I sat close to the Omphalos stone and closed my eyes. I knew Mother Nature's Spirit is alive.

Delving deep into Self, I understood how important it was to remain linked to the Divine Feminine, and to bring this energy back to life. This energy is full of the flow of Love, which forgives and brings compassion to self and to others. There are some things that we can change in this world and there are some things we have no control over. Connecting to the Divine Feminine helps us recognize the potential we have, to live in harmony with nature, to express joy, become non-judgmental and light up the torches paving the sacred way to Delphi.

"There is always a blank page in the History of Man's Evolution," the Oracle whispers, "Know Thyself and remember -- Nothing whatsoever in Excess! Practice perfect Balance!"