The Transpersonal and Metamorphosis

05/13/2014 03:09 pm ET Updated Jul 13, 2014

A caterpillar stretches its body as it walks along the ground, looking for food. Eager to learn all about the Earth that gives it shelter, it is drawn to eat more and more until it enters a state of inertia, to build a shelter of silence in a cocoon that hangs from a branch of a tree. In silence it forgets about its past because it follows the law of nature. As it disintegrates, tiny imaginal cells will join together to bring a masterpiece together, a butterfly of brilliant colors that will break free and fly -- for such is its destiny.

As the world slowly moves through disintegration, it learns to Integrate and then, to live consciously, flying higher and higher as it begins to live consciously. In this world of duality, there is a time of collapse -- a time of withdrawal and a time for renewal. The transpersonal perspective teaches us that there is an unseen potential within each and every one of us. Gems of untold beauty -- brilliant colors lie hidden in the depths of our being, just waiting for the debris that covers them to be removed, so they can shine out. We awaken when we take a walk in nature and watch the trees change in hue from green to golden browns and reds. They fall gently to cover the Earth until they are bare. Spring brings tiny shoots that spurt forth to grow again and such is the cycle of death and rebirth. At different stages of our lives we come to the point where we are given a choice to evolve or to recycle.

Our connections with each other do not come from mind. They come from heart, when we join in service to the beautiful planet we stand on and the knowledge that we are grains of sand in a never ending universe with brilliant stars and galaxies, offering potential and perspective. The time has come for us to take responsibility for our lives and the role we play in this universe of potentialities. We are pioneers when we look for wisdom and use our free will to grow rather than to fall back. History is able to give us a clear view of what we have done so far. The time has come for us to give up our our fears, guilt and aggression to embrace a holistic approach of being, that can lead us to a new beginning.

As Greece stands on the brink of elections and people suffer, the collective consciousness of people worldwide recall how easy it is to rise to the peak and just how easy it is to fall. Falling though, reminds us of the innate beauty that Mother Nature reflects, because it carries messages of such beauty and grace, we would be fools not to see how we are reflections of that grace. We must awaken it seems, to the simplicity in life. We must remember how much potential we have to truly break free and move beyond our individual traumas. We must at last acknowledge that history has given us its wealth in the tales of old -- the myths of yesteryear, when once Zeus looked out of his citadel on Mount Olympus to recognize reconciliation as the only way forward.

Nelson Mandela achieved the goal of reconciliation when he inspired those who kept him in captivity to strive for a greater future. He brought the South African nation together as a rainbow nation, to give hope where there was none and to find peace where there could have been war. He went beyond into the Transpersonal aspects of his being, and gave us a message that cannot be forgotten. To strive to be is not enough, for being must include becoming. We live to learn and in learning to find the Wisdom of a new tomorrow that reminds us of a caterpillar who once walked the Earth but who surrendered to the law of the cosmos and so became a butterfly of many colors.