08/19/2013 08:01 am ET Updated Oct 19, 2013

The World as One

Unity is an expression of soul, where a single common thread joins us all to the Universal Mind. As human beings, we perceive life in unique ways and have the opportunity to recognize the vast differences between us all, and the privilege to focus on what is similar.

I was fifteen years old, when Matron took me on a long walk around Woodside Sanctuary. A home for challenged children, there was a diversity of individual problems in form, some of them quite severe. Then, suddenly, I was introduced to Rita, a young girl who had encephalitis. As I looked down at Rita's form, as she lay in her cot, I was overwhelmed with a sense of peace, recognizing aspects of my self in her. I reached out to touch her briefly. A flow of unseen love connected us, and Rita smiled up at me for a brief second in time.

Rita changed my life in that moment of deep communication, because I realized very clearly that what united us was more important than what separated us. It is not always easy to move beyond appearances, when we become entangled in the personality and our ideals of grandeur. It is even less so, to recognize that each and every person we meet on our path in life, mirrors an aspect of our being. As vast as the universe, the psyche remains filled with images longing to come into focus; some of them perfectly formed and others in great need of transformation.

As long as we focus on differences, we get caught up in the blaming game, which narrows our perceptions about true identity. We project our experiences of lack of soul onto the outside world, unable to take responsibility of who we are and what we experience. Life is a process of change. As we broaden our perceptions, Life itself becomes a teacher and all of humankind one, enveloped in the beauty diversity brings. We all share this planet, and despite our many differences, we often forget that we share a global heart.

Participating in the creation of reality, we need to recognize our differences, but focus on what brings us together, in the hope that we can make a difference in this world. Recognizing that the outer world is a reflection of the diverse nature of psyche, one is able to work on that which needs to be transformed within. Self Inquiry is the process of recognizing that we are not perfect. However, self inquiry leads us to the potential within, a potential resembling an uncut diamond, waiting in silence to be polished. When it has been cut and polished, its many facets will shine out, joining rays of incredible power and balance as one.

The world as one global heart, reminds us that there is a time to settle our differences in recognizing that we all share the human path. To change perception, to feel compassion, to practice non-judgment are some of the keys that open our minds. In opening our mind we open our heart, learning to trust that change first happens within and then without