11/13/2012 11:44 am ET Updated Jan 13, 2013

Get the Look: The Uncomplicated Bride

As I recently wrote, the modern bride is looking brilliantly uncomplicated these days, and the shift in trend is certainly invited from those of us in the beauty industry.

In the beauty world, "natural" never really means "natural" -- the same amount of prep and primp goes into creating these modern looks. But with a little know-how you can pull off this smart and understated style on your Big Day. Here are some tricks and tips:

Brow Bone Beauty
We have all seen brides walk down the aisle with sparkling brow bones. A much more current approach is a champagne washed eye lid, luscious lashes and a matte pink tone under the brow. Pink has many benefits; a bit of flush helps to make skin look radiant (let's be honest, a healthy complexion is the basis of all beauty), and it incorporates a feminine feel. A matte brow bone represents a manicured and savvy bride who has the sense to eschew an over-the-top approach to bridal beauty .

Bag the Blush
Too much blush looks overdone. Opt for a "glow" rather then a "hue" on the apples of the cheeks. Bringing light to the skin gives it radiance and charm rather then a faux flush (which should come naturally). If you feel that you look washed out without a pop of color on the cheek, add a little bronzer which will perk the skin right up. Here is my pick for cheeks.

The "Un-do"
I have noticed the ever-so-classic chignon has drifted from the side of the head to the center. This takes away any need for a part and, as a more modern approach, allows hairstylists to push the hair back right into the chignon. The trick is to make sure the hair pushed back is somewhere between sleek and in total disarray. The skill is in finding a happy medium to make this look distinctive. The actual bun? It resembles a cluster of cotton candy -- whipped to perfection.

Hair Appliqué
Tastefully adorned hair can add unexpected sparkle and dress up any look without applying too much effort. The good news is that tiaras are out of style, and much more palatable creations grace the crowns of the chicest brides. There is quite a variety to choose from, and some resemble a piece of art and can even act as an heirloom. (We have overheard a few of our brides discussing hair ornaments as a gift for their bridesmaids. How genius!) My top picks are from Gabriella New York , and the Merci New York Boutique for Newlywish.

The New Nail
The textured nail is not to be misjudged. It comes in many varieties and although the "caviar" nail may not be suited for a bride, the "velvet" nail is a feathery take on the classics. The velvet nail is a whimsical way to add something a little edgy but maintains a soft and angelic feel. My favorite? Ciaté in Mink Cashmere.