08/03/2012 07:33 pm ET Updated Oct 03, 2012

5 Great Not-Quite-Martinis

Like Frank Sinatra, Scandinavian furniture and I Love Lucy, the Dry Martini is a mid-century classic, a streamlined bit of '50s Americana in a glass.

Regarding its constitution, therefore, we allow no amendments: A Martini consists of gin, vermouth and bitters, and maybe an olive if you're feeling ebullient. Full stop. No asterisk.

Although we are purists, however, we are not robots. That's why we are presenting you with these five mouthwatering variations on the cocktail standard for when you feel like giving history your own personal spin.

They may not be Martinis, but they're family... and we'll always make room at the bar for family. Cheers!

5 Great Not-Quite-Martinis