01/24/2013 10:56 am ET Updated Mar 26, 2013

5 Old Fashioneds You Need To Try

The Old Fashioned has been in and out of popularity with drinkers for more than a century. And now, fortunately, you can find it once again on menus across the country.

The name Old Fashioned refers to the original concept for a cocktail, which was first defined in 1806 as a combination of water, sugar, liquor (not just whiskey) and bitters. By the late 19th century, more complex recipes from mixological masters like Jerry Thomas had been created, but people who wanted this traditional concoction began to order it by asking for an Old Fashioned. (Muddled fruit likely wasn't added to the mix until Prohibition, when it was used to mask the taste of lower-quality spirits.)

Whether you like your Old Fashioned with bourbon, tequila or gin, these variations on the classic formula will warm you up during the long, gray months of winter and keep you cool and refreshed in the summer.

5 Old Fashioneds You Need to Try