03/26/2014 07:05 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 12 Best Moments In Every Grandparent's Life

Being a grandmother is one of the most surprisingly delightful adventures I've ever experienced. Some moments are grander than others, though, moments such as these:

1. Being told you'll soon be a grandparent for the very first time.

2. Holding a newborn grandchild for the very first time.

3. The first smile a grandchild aims directly at you... and every smile they direct your way thereafter.

4. Having a grandchild hold your hand while proudly telling his buddies or teacher, "This is my grandma."

5. Hearing the news you'll soon be a grandparent for a second time. Or third. Or thirteenth.

6. Rocking a grandbaby, with his sweetly scented head nestled into your neck, a tiny blanket-wrapped body relaxed against your chest.

7. Being handed a stack of carefully colored papers, each bearing an equally carefully -- albeit imperfectly -- scrawled signature, accompanied by the words, "I made these for you, Grandma."

8. Turning the corner in the airport terminal to see beaming faces and wiggly little bodies eagerly awaiting your hugs and kisses.

9. Those same little bodies crawling into bed with Grandma long before the sun rises to share their dreams from the night and their plans for the new day.

10. Listening to tiny voices singing nursery rhymes, lullabies, Sunday school songs. Hearing tiny voices singing along to the car radio from the backseat, too.

11. Shouts of "Watch this, Grandma!" followed by giggles, grins and grunts as a grandchild pedals, jumps, cartwheels, makes a basket or hits a ball over the fence.

12. Being offered a high-five with consolations of "Great game, Grandma!" when the grandchild wins. Especially grand when the game was won fair and square, with no handicap offered for age.

Plus so many more....

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