09/19/2013 01:56 pm ET Updated Nov 19, 2013

The 6 Main Types of Friends: Just Look in Your Pantry

Our friendships fluctuate as we make our way through life, especially when marriages and children come into play. From my experience, I've helped with wedding planning and haven't spoken to the bride post "I do's." Still, other friends have shown me unconditional love, and our conversations have grown from the "will he call me back?" to the "did you see the Dyson wet/dry vac that I want for the house but can't afford?"

Much like myself, most find that friendships do one of two things: they phase out or they're genuinely long lasting. And, as I've come to notice the varying trends, I've also found my friendships closely resemble different types of food.

Here are the six inevitable friendships in life:

The Pretzel
It's crisp, and it's salty. This socialite can stand alone, or can blend in with any kind of mix.

Whole Wheat Bread
It's healthy for you. So what if it's plain and boring at times? You might not want it every day, but it's a dietary must.

Five years ago, I found out I'm lactose intolerant. Nevertheless, it's hard to cut out the childhood staple that always makes me ill, simply because I've grown up with it for so long.

Diet Soda
It's always picking up on the latest trends with fruit fusions or low-cal counts. It seems like what I want at the moment, but five seconds later? The disingenuous façade falls flat.

Red Pepper
It's good in small doses but more often creeps in by the handful. You never know how much you're going to get until you're uncomfortably overpowered and burned.

Peanut Butter
I'll never get tired of you, PB. You were with me through some seriously bad breakups, layoffs and transitions through three apartments. You're nutty and smooth, and I'll always rely on you for filling sustenance.

Finally, if you're wondering what I am, I'm a bunch of pantry ingredients. Specifically? I'm most similar to risotto, because I require constant attention. If you nurture and watch me closely, I'll promise you a delectable meal, worthy of your time. Forget about me? Just ask my beloved -- I'll cause a stink, and ruin everyone's night.

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