07/15/2013 08:02 am ET Updated Sep 14, 2013

Why We Aren't Surprised That George Clooney Is Single Again


There is no doubt that George Clooney is one of the hottest men over 50 out there today. He's known for choosing and then throwing away one gorgeous women after another, the most recent being Stacy Keibler.

Let's be honest, it came as no surprise when the end of George and Stacy's fairytale romance was announced a few days ago. George can't seem to settle down with just one woman in his life for more than two or three years. Why? Because he's a notorious and endearing Bad Boy.

Most women, no matter what age they are, love a Bad Boy. This is why most men believe that nice guys finish last. And truthfully, they usually do because a Bad Boy like George has the ability to make a woman feel alive. He charms her with his words and expensive gifts, making her feel like she's living on cloud nine.

He gets away with it because a Bad Boy is one of those rare men out there that truly understands what makes a woman tick. He knows just the right words and actions to make any woman his, making her feel like the most beautiful and the most desirable woman on the planet.

He'll confide there is no one else he can trust to share his deepest thoughts and feelings with. This tiny piece of vulnerability in a man is a huge turn on for most women. She feels honored that he, this handsome catch, chose her over everyone else to be his girlfriend.

She'll end up doing anything she can to remain his confidante and lover, having fallen for this special man based on his words and the chemistry she feels with him.

He can tell her he never plans to marry but she'll never hear it. After all the touching stories he shares about his life, and because he makes her feel so special, she'll believe in her heart she's "the one" who will be able to change his way of thinking forever.

In the moment when he says, "I love you" to her, he does mean it. Bad Boys mean well but they can't make a commitment to anyone for very long.

They love the falling in love part. It's fun and it's sexy but a Bad Boy quickly tires of a woman once the chase is over. That's when he goes back to his own life and starts looking for someone or something he thinks might be a better fit for him in the moment.

He doesn't mean to, but in the end, he'll shatter a woman's heart. Sometimes, he'll come back to do it again between relationships by wooing her once more, sharing what she means to him and how much he has missed her.

She'll hope this will be the time he'll stay with her. But he won't.

A tell-tale sign of the Bad Boy is his extremes in life. He's often very handsome and very masculine. George sure is. A Bad Boy has to have the best liquor, cars, homes and women; think of Stacy and Elisabetta Canalis and all of the others who have been spotted in one of his luxury sports cars or palatial homes.

He's often extremely wealthy and extremely fast in whatever he does. He's quite exciting and often very self-indulgent.

A Bad Boy can make a woman miserable because he'll shut her out without a second thought. His words are often hollow, since they are rarely followed by action or commitment that a woman may desire from him.

George is lovely to look at, and he might make you laugh and he might charm the pants right off of you. But his history proves that it's only a matter of time -- count on three years or less -- before he moves on.

Ladies, there are lots of Georges out there and if you choose someone like him to spend time with, consider just making him a friend. Bad Boys are great friends because no commitment of any kind is involved. You'll have lots of fun.

Although he may not be as sexy as George, the nice guy really is the one you want for the long haul. He's the man who will try and make you happy anyway he can. He's the one who will massage your back when it hurts or hug you when you're sad. He's the man who will make sure his actions match his words.

If you are still not convinced, just ask Kelly Preston, Talia Balsam or any of George's former leading ladies which kind of man they now prefer in their life.

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